5 Best OEM Tires for Off-Road!!

If you are a car owner, then it is obvious that you will need to purchase a replacement set of tires sooner or later. The tires one replaces for the first time are known as original equipment tires, or OEM/OE tires for short. Different types of manufacturers create OEM tires to remain in good shape for a long time, but after reaching a point (usually 50,000 miles), they start wearing out and require a replacement. Off-road tires seem to be the best replacement for OEM tires for people who enjoy driving on all kinds of terrain.


Even though it seems like OEM tires have a weakness, which is a lack of durability, they provide standard performance for a couple of years or more (if handled carefully). But if you are a driving enthusiast, then the story is quite different. To experience driving adventures comfortably, one needs a competent and durable off-road tire that can handle any and all challenges, both on and off the road ahead of you. In this article, we will share five of the best OEM tires that are perfect for off-road driving.

But first, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you should be looking for in the best off-road tires out there;

Some Must-Have Features:

We know already that OEM tires are ideally developed to fit a car’s features and last for a standard time period without causing any problems. These tires are known to be “overall good” but not “exceptionally great”. So if you want something much more sturdy, durable, and high-performance, then off-road tires would be better.

When it comes to replacing an OEM tire, car owners need to ensure that they choose something whose features are in line with their expectations and requirements. For example, you cannot get the features of an off-road tire from a standard replacement tire. To save you from disappointment, the market has several off-road tires to choose from.

The price tag on tires varies quite a lot when you are looking to get a replacement. Even if you get a basic model as a replacement, chances are that it will not serve the purpose of off-road driving. For this reason, you should look into getting a new set of tires whose features match your expectations at a little higher than usual.


It is now time to learn about the five best OEM tires for off-road driving.

BFGoodrich Tires

This manufacturer is specifically known for their all-terrain tires that perform brilliantly on wet and wintery terrains. Off-road tires by BFGoodrich are easily available on the market in a wide range of options even though they offer steep pricing and have acceptable treadwear. Any major tire retailer can get you a pair of these tires.

Why buy BFGoodrich tires?

If you are looking for the right balance between all-terrain and off-road, then these tires are ideal for you.

Falken Tires

These tires are best known in the market for their strong off-road performance that doesn’t come at an extraordinary price. Falken tires are developed to conquer severely challenging and harsh conditions while driving off-road. If you choose a high-standard range, then Falken tires could get expensive.

Why buy Falken tires?

If you want a wide variety of tires that specialize in refined on-road manners, then Falken is the best one to purchase and use.

Toyo Tires

The best part of choosing Toyo off-road tires is the guarantee of 65,000 miles, which means a lot for a first-time buyer who has limited experience in off-road driving. You can find several encouraging reviews for these tires all over the internet, which means they are one of the most highly-rated off-road tires out there in the retail market.

Why buy Toyo tires?

If you can compromise on on-road performance to get off-road performance, then Toyo is the right tire manufacturer for you at the end of the day.

Goodyear Tires

This longstanding tire manufacturer has become synonymous with performance at a reasonable price after proving itself on a global scale. People choose this tire for its high consumer rating, variety of sizes, affordability, and easy availability.

Why buy Goodyear tires?

You can find these anywhere in the world so it is only natural to prefer these over other options.

Kumho Tires

These are perfect for a wide range of driving fans as they are budget-friendly OEM tires that can serve as off-road tires. One look at its features reveals that these tires share quite a few similarities with some other premium tires available on the market.

Why buy Kumho tires?

These are one of the quietest off-road tires out there, so whenever buyers prefer a smooth ride that is silent, then they go with Kumho.


In the end, the ultimate decision rests with the buyer, who needs to make a choice from the aforementioned off-road tires.

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