5 Significant Things that You Should Know Suzuki Burgman Electric!!

Suzuki Motorcycle India will soon be entering the electric scooter segment. As per the revelations by the company, we got to know that its first electric scooter will be developed according to the global technology platform and will be having a range between 110cc to 125cc. Suzuki India team will design and develop it in accordance with the Indian market. And now Suzuki Motorcycle India has started with the prototype testing of its first electric scooter. We spotted the test mule on a camera.


We thought that you might be interested in knowing about this electric scooter in detail.

The test mule was captured on a camera without any camouflage. From the picture, we can concur that the model is heavily inspired by Suzuki Burgman Maxi Scooter.

The regular model comes equipped with an exhaust canister. However, Burgman Electric does not have it.

The colour scheme is a mix and match of white and blue. The dual tome colour scheme makes the electric scooter look all the more stylish. There is a grey sleeve wrapped around the footboard, and a rear tyre hugger will also be there.

The reflector will be placed above the registration plate. The all-new Suzuki Electric Scooter will also be equipped with a digital instrument cluster. Also, there will be Bluetooth and 4G LTE connectivity. Thus, the rider can easily connect his or her smartphone and get access to the vehicle functions conveniently. The company also launched the Suzuki Connect latest version. It comes with multiple features like a caller ID alert. Charging status, turn-by-turn navigation, riding statistics, SMS, and call alerts, to name a few.

The scooter comes with a shock absorber at its right. The IC engine model comes with a single-sided shock absorber on the left. However, there will be similarities in the alloy wheels and front telescopic suspension of IC Burgman and this new model.


We are still not sure about the powertrain details of this electric scooter. Although, reports are doing the rounds that the Suzuki Burgman electric scooter will come equipped with a 3-4 kWh battery pack as well as a 4-6kWh electric motor. The top speed delivery will be around 80kmph, and the range will be between 70 to 90 km after one charge.

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