A Complete Guide on Buying Tata Punch – The Safest Micro SUV in India!

Indian carmaker Tata has launched the micro SUV Punch on 18th of October, 2021. The market is going crazy with this petite but nimble SUV. Tata Punch becomes the first car in India and the only micro SUV to get a 5 star rating on the global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) testing. Tata Nexon created a huge awareness in terms of the safety and comfort requirements for the cars in India and the latest launch from Tata has established the necessity of safety measures in the passenger cars.


If you are looking to buy a powerful car that is comfortable, stylish, safe and within a small budget then Tata Punch is the ideal candidate for you. It would comfortably fit a family of four or five and can be the all-around car that you would ever want. The micro SUV comes in four variants namely Pure, the entry level and basic model; Adventure, a comfortable model that includes the most necessary features; Accomplished, as the name conveys, this model includes most features that you can think of; and finally the top end model, Creative.

Variants of Tata Punch

The four variants are available in custom packages namely Rhythm, Dazzle and iRA pack. While Pure variant comes only with a manual gear box, all the other variants can be opted in either manual or automatic gearbox. The packs provide various upgrades like extra tweeters on the interior, Reverse parking cameras, LED DRLs, projector headlamps, or the iRA – the Intelligent Real Time Assist connected technology of Tata for greater convenience, control and safety of the micro SUV.

All the variants are available in 7 colours including the Orcus White, Daytona Grey, Tropical Mist blue, Atomic Orange, Meteor Bronze, Calypso Red and Tornado Blue.

Tata Punch Engine & Power rating

All the variants are powered by the 1199 cc, 3 cylinder Revotron petrol engine that provides a maximum power of 86 PS and a maximum torque of 113 Nm. The basic dimensions of Tata Punch are spacious enough for a small family and ample of boot space to carry the luggage for the trips. With a length of 3827mm and 1742mm width, the car is nimble and agile. The height of 1615 mm and the high rise look makes the car a perfect micro SUV in India. A ground clearance of 187mm enables Tata Punch to navigate some treacherous terrains with ease.


The spy video has shown that the Tata Punch navigates easily on off road conditions too. With India officially becoming a SUV destination, this new micro SUV can open the gates for the Tata. While Tata Nano has not achieved the success it was expected, the Tata Punch really packs a punch when it comes to features and safety. Similarly the micro SUV delivers a fatal punch on the competitors.

Maruti Suzuki has finally met its competition in bringing out cost effective but fully loaded cars. Tata Altroz, a competitor of Hyundai i20 is giving the Korean car maker, a run for its money in the hatchback sales. Similarly the new Tata Punch will easily unseat Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Renault and Hyundai in this segment.

Tata Punch on Road Price

The Tata punch on road price is surprisingly very low and at just over 6 Lakhs, the Indian customer will be happy to get the safest car in India that has scored a 5 star rating in the Global NCAP tests. The Tata Punch mileage will be around 18 – 19 kmpl. Surprisingly, even the automatic gearboxes provide a similar mileage which is a sigh of relief for the average customer. With the rising fuel prices and Petrol costing more than the aviation fuel in India, Tata Punch’s mileage gives it a good lead among the fellow micro SUVs. The various prices of Tata Punch are as follows.

Tata Punch Pure – ₹6.4 Lakhs

Tata Punch Adventure – ₹7.40 Lakhs.

Tata Punch Accomplished – ₹8.4 Lakhs

Tata Punch Creative – ₹9.8 Lakhs.

The On road price of Tata Punch Automatic Variants are as follows. The Pure variant doesn’t have the AMT gearbox option and it is available only in the higher models.

Tata Punch Adventure – 8.08 Lakhs

Tata Punch Accomplished – ₹9.1 Lakhs

Tata Punch Creative AMT is – ₹10.46 Lakhs.

Important Features of Tata Punch

First and foremost, anyone can identify the large claddings and on the car and this provides the unique, powerful look of the new Tata Punch. Although the car is only powered by a small 1.2 Litre petrol engine, the interior looks comfortable and the exterior gives a powerful look.

You won’t find it hard to recognize that the doors of Tata Punch opens a full 90º. As a result you don’t have to slide in your body. It is easier than ever to enter the car. The project headlamps, the LED DRL tail lamps and the stylish roof rails all ensure that the car is fully loaded.


On the inside the leather upholstery and tri arrow upholstery design makes it look and feel premium. A fully automatic climate control system makes the car a pleasant experience. The OVRMs that fold automatically, Push Start and Stop buttons and the fully safe interiors all.

Safety Features of Tata Punch – Why it Gets 5 Star Rating in Global NCAP

Perhaps the only car to get a total of 5 Star ratings form the Global NCAP, in India. The safety duty are performed by dual airbags, fog lamps. The reinforced and fortified cabin that takes the impact, ABS, EBD and other brake control systems offer additional protection. Apart from these, the car also comes with a reverse parking camera, automatic headlamps and rain sensing wipers which are all necessary to enhance the safety of the micro SUV. Similarly, the SUV is a compatible with Isofix child seat.

The iRA or the Intelligent Real-time Assistant connected technology provides a number of advantages like Geo fencing, keyless entry, engine remote on and off, headlight remote on / off, mileage check-up etc. iRA was first launched in Tata Nexon in 2019 and the connected tech has been introduced in other models too, albeit in the top end model.

The Final verdict – Can You Buy Tata Punch?

Tata Punch is a versatile car that provides you comfort, safety, power and connected tech that is an overall package. However, the Tata Punch is not without its shortcomings. The engine feels slightly short during short sprints of overtaking where power and quick acceleration is of essence. At the price point of ₹10+ lakhs for the top end, the car seems slightly less equipped. While the additional cost goes to the safety features, it should be noted that even base models of many SUVs, including the MG Astor is around the same.

So, in a country like India, the customer will prefer to choose the base model of a higher powered full-fledged SUV instead of buying a fully loaded and yet underpowered, small, Micro SUV. As a result, it is better to buy the Pure and Adventure variants at a lower price instead of going for the higher priced models. iRA technology can natively detect both Hindi & English. While many North Indian states speak Hindi, the support for other South Indian languages is missing.

While the car looks spacious, it is also to be noted that, it lacks certain important features like second seat AC vents, charging pins, or a rear speaker. The boot space is ample but the rear seats could have had a slightly better position.

In short, if you are looking for a safe and versatile car for your family, then you can very well buy the Tata Punch Micro SUV, the safest car in India.

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