BOSCH, whatt a great newz!!

Friends, in our urge to spread positivity and real news, we are bringing one of really wonderful news to you. This is a news related to economy and I am sure this news will make your day.


Automobile companies are heart of manufacturing industries worldover. Here is a company called BOSCH in Nashik, Maharashtra. This company, in its ISO 14000 certified plant, manufactures auto components like nozzles and injectors for classic as well as Euro series. The news that will bring smiles on your face is this company has given a Rs.10,000/- raise to its workers.

To add to this, it is absorbing around 200+ temporary workers in to the company fold as permanant employees. The BOSCH news has liftened the spirits of industry and people alike because Nashik Pune corridor is a hub of manufacturing activity. And believe me, this is not one odd example, we have seen many good news coming in last couple of weeks. We have highlighted this because this news is related to blue collar jobs.


Another news that is coming is from China. Many manufacturing companies are making their mind to move out from China to different locations and India is seen as a preferred destination considering cheap labour, proximity to the west and good logistics support that is available.

Indian IT companies have already made their mark, now its time for a bigger opportunity that is coming in manufacturing sector. Many states have shown keen interest in these development and are getting ready to tap this opportunity.


Stay tuned and we will bring more postive and real news, soon!!

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