Bounce Launches its Own Electric Scooter E1 Infinity!!

bounce electric scooter

Bounce – the bike rental company has launched its first electric scooter, Infinity E1 yesterday. After Ola had launched the S1 & S1 Pro electric scooters, the famous bike rental company has also started the plans for this quick launch of an electric scooter. It could be a shock and surprise that the company was able to bring out an electric vehicles this quick. However, the reality is Bounce had acquired the Twenty Two Motors Private Limited in the early 2021. This 22 Motors Private Limited is the actual manufacturer of the new Bounce infinity E1 electric scooter, originally launched as i-Flow.


Bounce Infinity E1 – Specifications & Features

The Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter is a fairly powerful and conventional looking scooter that weighs a moderate 94 kg. With a kerb weight of just 94 kg and a ground clearance of 155mm, it is a nimble and agile scooter to ride. The overall length of the Infinity electric scooter is 1820mm and it stands at 1120mm height. A good wheelbase of 1260mm will cushion out those bounces and bumps on the road. The seat height is just 780 mm which is easy to sit and ride.

The electric scooter is powered by a brushless DC motor that enhances the efficiency of the bike. It provides a torque of 85 Nm and comes with a warranty for 3 years or 500,000 km. The braking duty is done by a regenerative braking mechanism that converts the braking energy into electrical energy, which is used again to recharge the battery. So, when you are travelling on a crowded road, the brakes that you apply actually provide charging to your battery. The dual disco brakes on the front and rear provides excellent control on the roads.

The Bounce infinity electric scooter comes with a 12” tubeless tyre that gives a sense of comfort and relief. You no longer have to worry about the condition of the roads. The electric scooter has a telescopic hydraulic suspension on the front and a twin shock absorber on the rear. As per the company, the Bounce Infinity electric scooter is made for the Indian road conditions and it claimed as India-proof.

The Bounce electric scooter has a petite headlight that stands out from the competitors. The almost retro styling of the headlights will turn a few heads on the roads. The digital instrument comes with a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, charge level, etc. Other features include location tracking, geo-fencing, cruise control, anti0theft alarm, towing alert, etc.

Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter comes with two driving modes, power and eco. In Eco mode, the scooter has a maximum speed of 40 kmph and provides the maximum range of 85 km per charge. In the sporty Power mode, the scooter can go up to 65 kmph. It also has reverse mode in which the scooter will travel at a very low speed in the reverse direction. It will be helpful in those situations when you have to take your scooter out of a slope or a small ditch.

The scooter comes in 5 colour options including black, grey, red, white and silver. You can also build custom skins for your E1 electric scooter that makes your electric scooter, truly a unique piece. The bike has a spacious storage for helmet, beneath the seat and the storage space is right above the battery slot. The easy to remove battery can be taken out and charged at your favourite location.


The 48V, 2kWh can be charged in 4-5 hours and is water-proof. So, you need not worry about charging the battery at any location.

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Price in India

Bounce Infinity E1 is one of the most affordable electric scooters in the country at the moment. You can buy the scooter from as low as ₹36,099/-. At this price, you can get the scooter and the battery in the battery as a service format. You can easily swap the batteries for as low as ₹35 for a swap. However, on top of this, there will be a monthly battery subscription charge of ₹849 or ₹1249 as per your plan.

If you want own the battery and scooter, it starts at a relatively low price of ₹68,999/- in most states. In case, if you are from Gujarat, you can get the bike at just ₹59,999/- due to lower taxes and better subsidies. However, for most other states, the price would stand at ₹79,999/-

Bounce Infinity E1 Scooter Online Booking Website

The booking for the scooter has already started on the official Bounce infinity electric scooter website You can pre-book your Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter by paying as low as ₹499/-. The Bounce infinity electric scooter booking online website is live and there is a waiting time of almost 4 months, as the delivery of the electric scooter will only start in the March 2022. After the fiasco of Ola, other companies have learnt that it is better to under promise and over deliver than to risk the ire of the customers. The new age customers are irked easily and they vent out on the social media quickly. This can bring down the image and the brand salience.

A safe delivery schedule of 4 months provides ample of time for the company to manufacture the required number of scooters.

Although, the booking has started, it is relatively hard to find the Bounce infinity electric scooter website with a simple Google search. The official website of the Bounce bike rental company has a link to the Bounce infinity electric scooter booking website.

Should You Buy the Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter

At a top speed of just 65 kmph and a range of 85 km, Bounce is not the best electric scooter in the market. However, for most daily uses, you don’t need anything more than what the bike offers. For those intra-city travels like office, shopping, or leisure, the Infinity E1 will be a good choice. Moreover, the very low operating cost of the scooter and a competitive price makes it the ideal option at the presenting rocketing fossil fuel prices.

With such an endearing and appealing price point, it is a no-brainer. Buy the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter with confidence and save a lot of money in the usage. Additionally, you can also save the environment by reducing the carbon foot prints.


The company has roped in the Bollywood star actor, Hritik Roshan as the ambassador for the electric scooter. Given the mass appeal and wide fan following for the actor, it is sure that his image will add to the booking and sales of the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter.

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