Cost effective variants of bs6 hero hf Deluxe kick start!

The wait is over for all the bike fanatics! Hero MotoCorp has pioneered the BS6 Hero HF Deluxe variants in India. The two variants have the kick start, and the two variants of the BS6 HERO HF Deluxe kick start are the spoke wheel model and the alloy wheel model. The cost of all the variants of BS6 HERO HF DELUXE is:



Kick start spoke wheel – Rupees 46,800

Kick start alloy wheel- Rupees 47,800

Self start alloy wheel (standard) – Rupees 56,675

Self start alloy wheel (i3s) – Rupees 58,000

The previous model, self start alloy wheel standard, which was launched in December, was the most affordable model previously. But now, with the launch of the two new variants, the kick start spoke wheel model is the most economical model with a price of INR 46,800. This difference in the prices is quite consequential in the 100 cc commuter engine and will definitely, proliferate and shoot up the demand and sales of this model.



The specifications of the new BS6 HERO HF DELUXE kick start are the same as the bike’s other variants. The specifications of the new variants are:

A 97.2 cc single-cylinder engine is used in the variants. The engine uses Hero MotoCorp’s Xsens technology with programmed fuel injection. This improves overall fuel efficiency, as well.

The air-cooled motor has a SOHC arrangement. There is a 4-speed unit transmission.

There are 130 mm drum brakes both at the front and rear end.

The bike is available with a combination of four-speed gearbox.


Height- 1,045 mm
Width- 720 mm
Length- 1,965 mm
Wheelbase – 1,235 mm
Seat height – 805 mm
Fuel tank capacity – 9.6 litres


Thus, the new variant of the BS6 HERO HF DELUXE KICK START is the third most affordable and economical bike in India after Bajaj CT 100 and CT 110. Due to this, the company expects a rise and proliferation in the graph of demand and sales of the model. So go and enjoy your journey on this economical and comfortable bike!

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