COVID effect & how economy will soon get a kickstart !!

All through the news and jokes and information, you folks have been bombarded with news about COVID-19 and the effects that it has brought on world economy. I can say, we all have fought back COVID-19 very nicely. While we move into week end, we will give you some reasons to cheer about.


Let me tell you, COVID-19 has just put a pause on the way we look at life. The priorities we set in. The habits that we cultivate. I dont think anyone will say washing hands is a bad habit, or running for parties every weekend is a good habit. These good habits will surely allow your health to be in good state going ahead. So, basically, COVID-19 has allowed every individual to stop, take a look at his/her priorities and move on. Yes, read on to see how we MOVE ON.

Because there is always a button to restart.. First of all, at the individual level, the good habits will make people more healthy. Governments all over the world are pumping lots of money in health care systems. So, be assured, the health systems in your country is being overhauled and upgraded. Also, the money that is pumped in will help people to restart their businesses. For instance, car pooling was a great idea. But, people may reduce the number of people who are pooled. This will raise the demand for automobiles.


Remember, automobiles just dont benefit itself. It will increase the demand from its ancilliaries. The manufacturing will also see that workers and business have more money in hand to spend. So, vacations are ON. That also means travels are ON. So, after this small pause, what we will see is a huge kickstart in economy benefitting one and all.

One of my friend asked me, how about the curbs? Yes, why just curbs, even good habits will remain. & remember, necessity is the mother of invention. & Humans have always evolved to beat any adversity that came in its way.


So guys, have a wonderful weekend at home, we shall surely cheer at a pub soon!!

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