Easy Steps to Disinfect your car!

The corona outbreak has now become a tremendous problem, and it keeps on spreading and infecting numerous people. It is a grim situation, and events that occurred recently have proven the effectiveness of protocols mentioned below to stop the rapid increase in the spread of the virus. Let’s take a look at six simple steps by which you can disinfect your car in order to escape from the coronavirus.


Clean the upholstery

There are places like headrest, backrest, seatback pockets, etc. which should be cleaned thoroughly. Use the soap or alcohol in order to disinfect it. Don’t use too much soap or water, it can cause damage and discoloration of the leather upholstery.

Service the air condition system

Always remember to clean out the spray and cabin air filter with cleansing agents offered by your brands. It is vital to get rid of the HVAS system of fungi and harboring bacteria. You can have the system to be cleaned by the professionals, or you can do it yourself by opting for the DIY.


Practice social distancing

Avoid human interaction to get away from the virus. Being around with the people has higher chances of you and your car getting affected from the virus.

Exercise personal hygiene

Frequently wash your hands, before heading over to the car. You should also sanitize yout=r car after you come back home from the drive to ensure safety.

Thoroughly clean the cabin

An infected person can easily contaminate the car with the respiratory droplets. The virus can remain on the surface of your vehicle for few days. It is recommended to clean out your dashboard, seats, steering wheels, etc. excessively with the help of sanitizers.


Frequently disinfect touched surfaces

Now the cabin is sanitized, it’s time to wipe out the virus from the exterior. In crowded places, it is possible that a lot of people may come across or stand in your car. The touched surface may include doors, windscreen, etc.

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