Finally, the new Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen has been unveiled!

Mercedes Benz is out with a high end and advanced screen-based dashboard design. This is going to be a part of its upcoming EQS luxury electronic vehicle. The screen will be known as MBUX Hyperscreen. It will have a huge dash panel, basically a seamlessly curved glass-style screen unit. The entire panel will be stretched across the breadth of the cabin.


Things which you should know about Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen:

The single-piece screen has three huge screens. One is meant for central infotainment and climatic control functions, another for instruments, and the third one for entertaining the front-seat passenger. Out of these, the last two relies on the feedback of haptic and OLED technology for facilitating top-notch picture quality.

The curved plastic panel has been moulded three-dimensionally. The panel has been coated in a three-layered process called Silver Shadow. This coating offers a premium quality surface impression, facilitates easy and convenient cleaning and helps in reducing the impact of reflections. There are conventional air vents on both sides of the panel. The lighting in the surroundings gives an impression that the entire unit is floating up in the air.

The operating system has evolved from the advanced operating system present in the Mercedes S-class. One can learn it and operate it quite easily. The advanced operating system relies on artificial intelligence for improving user experiences. It also displays apt car functions at the right time. There is absolutely no need to scroll through complicated sub-menus or use voice commands.

The central screen will comprise of media, telephone functions, radio, and navigation. You can apply twenty more functions with the help of artificial intelligence. For instance, it is possible to activate features like the capacity to understand the habit of the driver like massaging or seat heating. It is also possible for the EQS to raise its suspension for clearing all types of obstacles. The system will also record the GPS coordinates and suggest the same in the future.


Another attractive feature is the customisation of the passenger screen with as much as seven profiles. The AI system performs as an attentive assistant for the passengers. But it should be kept in mind that the entertainment functions will follow the country-oriented driver safety norms and regulations. A very beautiful aspect is that when the front passenger seat is devoid of any passenger, the screen defaults start displaying decorative animated stars.

This system will be available partially on the EQS sedan as well. But we are still unsure about the appearance of the standard dash design. This high-end system will be offered with the EQS SUV internationally in the year 2022.

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