Find All About the Updated Hyundai Creta for the Overseas Market!!

Hyundai Creta is one of the most loved SUVs in India. So, when it goes international, it can be assured that the world markets will shower same praise and love for the model. South Korean giant Hyundai has launched the Hyundai Creta to foreign markets that are primarily left hand drives. Russia and China are prominent markets in which the new model is launched. While, it is not a revolutionary upgrade from the original Indian version, there are many changes in the interior and exterior.


While Creta has been discontinued in India, the international version has a different grille on the front. It is more like the grille of Alcazar. Similarly, the front and back bumper / fender gets a new brushed aluminium finish which makes the car look more premium. The front air intakes are also bigger and that gives a stylish look to the Russian edition of the Hyundai Creta.

On the profile, there is not much of a difference other than the new alloy wheels. There are also some minor variations in the tail light and the rear. While the cosmetic changes sure give a new look to the Creta, it is to be seen whether these changes work well in the new markets of Russia and China.

Creta will either be powered by the 1.6 litre or the 2 litre petrol engine. Regardless of the engine, the option of the gear train is available for both manual and automatic making it an easy customisation option. The engine will be mated to 6 speed manual, 6 speed auto or the 7 speed DCT auto. With varying power ratings, the SUV is a natural choice for those who want the speed and style in one package. There was also an option of diesel engine that provides 250 Nm of torque and 115 PS.


What do you think about the international trim of the Hyundai Creta?

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