From 1st August – Speedwatch on Mumbai Pune Expressway!!

From 1st August, 2020 – people driving on Mumbai Pune Expressway will have to restrict their vehicle speed. In addition to police with speed guns on highways, there will be a watch on the time taken between the two toll plazas on the route – Khalapur and Urse. Located in Raigad and Pune districts, the distance between the two toll plazas is about 50km and it should not take less than 37 minutes for a vehicle to cover the distance.


Those who take lesser time will be penalised with e-challans reaching their inbox. The fine will be Rs 1000/- for first time offenders and will increase for regular offenders. Just a reminder to our readers, Mumbai Pune expressway has a speed limit currently set at 100 kmph, except the 15 kms ghat section where the limit is 50 kmph. The users of this expressway may be reminded that the speed limit on this expressway was reduced to 100 kmph from 120 kmph, in view of increasing fatalities arising out of overspeeding.

This speed watch will be implemented by Highway police with the help of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). MSRDC will be providing the requisite data to the highway police as it has control over toll plazas.


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