From Make In China to Make in India Cars | Indian car Market .

Since the time India has made the trade rules and regulations very open and welcoming for the neighbouring countries, China has left no stone unturned to make use of this opportunity.

China has tried and even succeeded to enter most of the major market segments of India.

Recently as per the sources, China is all set to go all out in the Indian automobile industry with a full-fledged plan.

Great Wall Motors which is China’s largest utility vehicle maker has made announcements of investing $1 billion + in India.


It is speculated to become India’s third-largest market in the next 5 years. The Chinese carmaker SAIC has committed to invest a total of 5,000 crores in India in the coming years.

All the commitment of the leading Chinese players come at a perfect time when the Chinese automobile industry is on a massive decreasing stage.

This is the first time in this decade when the Chinese automobile industry has started to shrink massively. Overall, the Asian market has been declining.

However, the Indian market is considered to be a very potential market due to its extra driving global economy.

The Chinese products have helped Indians to fill their shopping bags. However, just a ‘Make In China’ tag makes people ponder about the quality and the durability of the product. There are several existing Chinese manufactures in China.


Beating that, several new players are all set to knock at the Indian automobile sector very soon.

Daimler which is a German automobile company has a strong presence in the Indian market has sold its 9.6 % shares to Geely which is a huge Chinese automobile company.

Indirectly or directly, Chinese car manufacturers are all over the country trying their level best to set up their base in India.

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