Happy News for EV Owners – GoFuel Comes up with Charging Solutions for EVs!!

ev charging stations

Electric Vehicles are growing by strides in the country but the charging infrastructure is not growing as fast as it is required. In view of this, many EV owners are always worried about the range and performance of the electric vehicles. While, the motor bikes and bikes run on battery can be easily charged or moved around the city, the case of the cars is not the same.


Most electric two wheelers come with a range of 100-150 km per charge. This is good enough for a week of city commute. However, when you take the cars for a drive, it becomes an issue. Electric Cars come with a range of 200-300 km per charge. The Chennai based start-up GoFuel that delivers fuel for cars and diesel vehicles around the country is venturing into the electric segment by delivering charging options for two wheelers and four wheelers.

GoFuel is looking to expand its footprint in the industry by delivering charging options for two wheelers and three wheelers that run on battery. It also has plans to provide battery swaps for the compatible vehicles. Similarly, GoFuel will look to provide charging solutions for four wheelers.

The battery pack or the charging facility will be housed on a two wheeler for smaller vehicles and on a van for the larger four wheelers. It is a dream come true moment for many EV owners. The company is also looking to provide battery swaps as a subscription option for customers.

GoFuel is catering to the needs of a niche segment in the market and is planning to expand its network by providing franchisee to others. While this model in itself is used by the famous social enterprise SELCO Foundation, the new service will provide an essential service to the market.


The present diesel delivery business of the company has already generated revenue over 5 crores in the past 5 months and this plan of opening 100 mobile charging and battery swapping stations that are powered exclusively by the solar energy is an ambitious plan.

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