Honda City v/s Hyundai Verna – Which is more Efficient!

Quite a popular trend observed these days is the strategy of certain carmakers to introduce new designs and some spec upgrades in their models which are successful already.

Auto market is currently filled with many facelifts across brands and are receiving a warm welcome from the consumers. I would like to throw light today on Honda City and Hyundai Verna.


Honda city is one of the car models which has top of the mind recall and recognition. It is one of those cars that populated majority of the roads and became an aspiration for every person.

But as sustaining the position is always difficult, Honda city was challenged by its competitor Hyundai with their model Verna.

Both of these have recently joined the facelift bandwagon and ready to take on the roads.


Starting with the fundamentals, Verna’s engine holds 1.6 litre engine making 123hp and 151Nm of torque while that of City is designed to hold 1.5 litre making 119hp and 145Nm of torque.

There is a slight difference in transmission as Verna uses a 6 speed gearbox and City uses a 7 speed gearbox which has an impact on the driving experience to a certain level.

On the design front, both of them are appealing enough to grab your attention especially Verna’s cascading grille, headlamps and LED tail lights.


The City has also been successful in camouflaging its vintage look with a touch of style, making it contemporary.

On the interiors, Verna has an excellent built with a clean dashboard and knitted roof lining. Overall, their cabin quality gives a better feel.

However, Honda is a maestro at providing comfort. Perfectly cushioned and placed seats are a treat to your posture and comfort especially when driving for long hours. The rest of the cabin doesn’t hold anything as impressive as Verna.


Both these models come with impressive touchscreen infotainment systems compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, rear air-condition vents, sunroof, cruise control and rear view camera.

However, the distinguishing factor for me here is safety where Verna aced it with 6 airbags and City still packs a standard 2 airbags. Considering the current driving, traffic and road conditions, safety is one of the biggest concerns of a driver.

In terms of performance, if you wish to drive more in the city, Honda is your best bet with its easy to pivot steering.


Our winner Hyundai Verna starts at Rs. 11.42 lakhs while rival Honda City starts at Rs. 12.06 lakhs.

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