How to keep a clean driving record!

When you first get your driving license, it can be such an exciting time. Getting out on the open road and having so much freedom never felt so good. However, with driving comes big responsibility. Not only do you have to think of the safety of yourself, but you also need to consider the safety concerns around you too. Whether that’s with passengers, other vehicles or even pedestrians. Being safe whilst driving is essential but it can also help you keep a clean driving record. You may not think it, but a clean driving record is pretty important too. Some employers won’t hire you if you have a bad driving record and if your record is really bad, you may even lose your license which means losing some of your freedom too and no one wants that. Here are some tips that can make you a safer and better driver.


Failing to stop

Traffic lights and stop signs are real and they must be listened to. Once again, this is for safety reasons and they’re there to prevent collisions and accidents of any kind. Stopping when told to allows cars and pedestrians to look at what’s around them and assess the situation. If it’s safe to go after assessing the situation, cars can move off without fear of a collision. If caught failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, points can be added to your license at the discretion of the officer fining you. An officer can see if you have any prior violations for saying, speeding, and add more points to your license. If this violation pushes you up to the 12-point limit, you will have your license suspended which is not ideal. You will likely have to reapply for your license or have to go on driving training classes to ensure you’re safe to drive again. Sites like can provide more information about point systems and how many points each violation is worth.

Stick to the speed limits

Speed limits are there for a reason. They’re there to ensure that cars are driving responsibly and as few people as possible get hurt. When there’s less chance of a collision or an accident, the limit is generous, allowing you to travel at a significant speed, when an accident is more likely to happen, limits are more restrictive. When driving around houses, schools, and shopping centres, you’ll notice that speed limits are relatively low to avoid multiple injuries if there were to be a crash. Now, if you break any of these speed limits, you are breaking the law. These limits are not suggestions they are rules that must be abided by. If caught breaking the speed limits, not only will you incur a fine of some sort, which is usually quite hefty, but you can also get points on your license too. The number of points can vary depending on your situation but receiving any points is not great. The more points you get, the more likely you are to have your license suspended.


Park appropriately

You may not think it, but parking tickets can be a nightmare. Although not as severe as fines and points on a license, you still need to pay a parking fine. If a fine is not paid, the amount of that fine can increase and it does not look good on your driving record. Having multiple unpaid fines can result in having your car towed and then having to pay a large lump sum to get your car back.

The moral of the story here is if you want to keep your
driver’s license and a clean record, you need to drive safely and cautiously.

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