How to Know the Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor!!

Your mass air flow sensor is a critical part of your fuel injection system. Find out how to spot the symptoms of MAF sensor issues , how to replace a faulty sensor and how to make the most of free car repair guides and other online resources. Don’t let a damaged sensor hold back your vehicle, but keep on driving safely with a restored ride thanks to this easy DIY auto maintenance task.

How To Replace a Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor

A mass air flow sensor sends data to your engine control unit to inform it of the amount of air entering your air intake system. With this information, your engine control unit sends a signal to adjust the amount of fuel injected. A faulty mass air flow sensor can cause your engine to receive too much fuel or too little fuel mixed with air. f your sensor isn’t working correctly, you can expect one or more of these symptoms:


• Difficulty starting
• Stalling engine
• Lean or rich idling
• Dragging or hesitating while under load

A lean or rich air/fuel mixture may prevent your vehicle from starting at all. If your car attempts to turn over but is having difficulties starting, it may be due to a simple sensor.

Check this component first before panicking about major engine damage. While more expensive than other sensors, a new mass air flow sensor is a far more affordable maintenance task than rebuilding your engine.

Any of these symptoms usually mean that it’s time to replace your sensor. Always order a sensor from a reputable store to receive an OEM component that matches your make and model of vehicle. Replacing a sensor is a relatively easy auto maintenance task, so you can save money by replacing your own component.

First, locate your mass air flow sensor. Consider cleaning your sensor with rubbing alcohol or a specialty sensor cleaner. Whether cleaning or replacing your sensor, use care when removing it. Use a flathead screwdriver to open the air box. Disconnect the wiring harness and carefully remove the sensor, being sure not to damage it.


A new sensor easily fits in the same spot. Order a replacement mass air flow sensor from a reputable online store to enjoy an exact fit and hassle-free replacement.

Remember to connect the wiring harness and replace the air box cover before turning your vehicle on. Check to see if this solves the issue, otherwise you may have a frayed wire or another damaged component. Order Chevy Impala auto parts or other parts for your specific make and model vehicle online for easy searching, comparing and delivery features.

Making Use of Your 1979-89 Chevy Car Repair Guide

Your mass air flow sensor is just one common component that may need to be replaced on your vehicle. If you’re driving a 1979-89 Chevy car, troubleshoot other common maintenance issues with a 1979-89 Chevy full size car repair guide . This helpful guide is available online and can help you maintain your favorite car, truck or other vehicle in the comfort of your own garage.

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