Hyundai finally launches premium SUV Genesis GV80!

The wait is finally over, the much-awaited premium SUV Genesis GV80 by Hyundai has been unveiled in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai’s premium vehicle division Genesis GV80 is the best luxury SUV you will ever see. This luxury SUV has the capability to go off-road and amazingly designed. The car is incredibly designed. It is about 195 inches long and looks great from both outside and inside.


Hyundai Genesis GV80 is the largest vehicle of the company till date. Korean launch has not revealed that much information about the car, but photos suggest that the car comes with the premium interior design. The dashboard and upper door panels have an elegant design made with high-quality leather. GV80 is what next-generation cars look like, the pictures of the car seem so elegant and classy. The vehicle comes with a noise-cancelling system, just like other luxury vehicles.

The car comes with endless features. It has excellent driver assistance technologies. It has the features to observe the driver’s habits and apply them to assist the driver. Talking about the seating, it has two rows and a layout of 5 seats, but the best part is that you can add one more row by using its features. Adding a row will make it seven seats which is incredible.


Genesis GV80 has four-cylinder and V6 engines. It has up to 400 horsepower, eight-speed automatic, hybrid possible, touchpad display of liquid crystal and all-wheel drive.

As compared to other global brands, the price of Genesis GV80 is much lower. The predictable price of the car could be around $53,000, which goes against the Audi Q7, Benz and BMW X5. It also has a customizable program which allows us to select options on our own which includes several seats, engine, wheels, interior and exterior colours and of course it will affect the price according to the features.

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