Hyundai Motors Group Develops Air Conditioning Tech to Maintain Clean Air in vehicles!!

On Monday the Hyundai Motor Group announced that three technologies have been developed to manage air quality in a vehicle. The three developments are, as declared by the automaker, After Blow, Multi-Air mode and Fine Dust Indicator.  


Hyundai Motor Group is a multinational company with an automobile, construction, building and logistics, banking, IT and service-based value chain. The group’s car brands include Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp with approximately 250,000 employees worldwide. We strive to create a better future for everybody with creative thought, constructive collaboration, and a will to meet all challenges.

Hyundai has confirmed that on new upcoming brand automobiles these very same innovations will be incorporated. Besides, these technologies will be accessible in automobiles from the brands Kia and Genesis.


Blower supplies outside air to the system and the evaporator is the critical component that creates cold air. The After-Blow technology dries the evaporator blades and prevents air conditioning system from generating bacteria and odour. After switching off the engine and draining the condensate on the evaporator for about 30 minutes, ‘After-Blow’ activates the evaporator and all remaining condensation in the air passage for 10 minutes. It effectively enables the air conditioning unit to pump external air to avoid the growth of moisture. This feature has been included without any cost-rise.

Numerous wind vents are used to create an enticing interior temperature with gentle and subtle wind flow with multi-air mode technology. This mode allows the air to be circulated in addition to healthy air spinning to the newly installed multi-air slots on the driving and passenger seats.


The technology for Fine Dust Indicators tests air inside the car and provides the driver with numerical data to aid air quality control. This feature indicates the quality of air through a colour options panel on the screen; green being pleasant and Red being very bad.

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