Hyundai Venue Compact SUV Interior & Exterior Revealed

Fortunately, some soul leaked the pictures and interior and exterior online to show the country, the Hyundai Venue’s sneak peek.

Hyundai will offer the Venue on what they call Hyundai BlueLink. The Hyundai BlueLink is Hyundai’s global technology which will be presented in the Indian market with 33 set features out of which ten would be India specific highlights and connectivity with safety, convenience, and different vehicle management related services.


As per the news and the company, Hyundai BlueLink is created and thoroughly tested in India for the users in their everyday needs. The difficulties as on Indian streets while driving and in particular, their requirement for being safe while driving.

Hyundai Venue: Interior
The SOS, roadside assistance and BlueLink connectivity on the Inside Rear-View Mirror (IRVM) for fast availability. The BlueLink gives security highlights like vehicle tracking after a theft, remote immobilization, speed alert, Geo-Fencing, panic warnings, and journey sharing.

The remote-control capacities like Engine Start/Stop, atmosphere control, Door Lock/Unlock, Horn Honking, and vehicle status will be an industry-first offering in this section.

Hyundai BlueLink has an in-house manufactured and sealed gadget controlled by Vodafone eSIM and a Cloud-based Voice Recognition stage from Global AI (Artificial Intelligence) Company.


Hyundai Venue: Exterior
The device will extend the real-time traffic routing and live local search as a team with a worldwide mapping. Another fascinating perspective about it is the Interactive Voice Recognition and the capacity to get any regional English accent which has developed for clients from various districts in India.

Hyundai BlueLink highlights incorporate applications, for example, Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) and Assistance, SOS Emergency Assistance, and Roadside Assistance.

Hyundai Venue: What’s More There

The new Hyundai Venue includes a structured machined-cut alloy wheel, which appears 16-inch in size.

The back profile is new, including broad glasshouse areas, the guard with wraparound tail-lights. The spotted model is the top-end SX, which is in expectations of the most developed stacked in its class.


The SUV gets body-hued ORVMs with incorporated signals.The new Venue is the SUV that looks premium-in-class and features stacked. The SUV gets all-dark interior with a mess-free structure for the dashboard.

The vehicle gets a detached substantial touchscreen infotainment system, which is with C-formed AC vents with chrome, large handles for AC controls and different capacities.

The SUV gets keyless engine interaction with Push to begin/stop button, advanced support, multi-useful controlling wheel, and so on.

The new Hyundai Venue SUV shares the styling from the SUVs like Kona, Palisade, and the Santa Fe. That is obviously clear from the front by now, including a falling grille with chrome all over, the twin-vertical format for headlamps with LED daytime running lights and turn-markers on the top.


It gets a wide guard with dim plastic cladding, lower air-consumption, and artificial silver slide plate.

In Conclusion
And, the service includes more as Emergency Alerts, Medical and Panic Assistance, Geo-fence which will send a text-based notification. Let’s see in a few months, what this vehicle will change for other SUVs.

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