In this fight against COVID, see the positives that are happening!!


For all the disturbing news you have heard about COVID or Corona, today we will take you through the key positive news that is pouring, day in and day out.

1. The entire world is united to fight against this virus with all their might.

2. The health care system across the world has been upgraded with most governments pumping lots of money – a good realisation to value health isnt, it?


3. Cpt Tom Moore, a 99-year-old British national, thought of fighting the Corona battle in a different way. His name has got the much needed royal entry in the Guinness Book because he raised $ 3.52 million (about Rs 269 crore) for the National Health Service (NHS) though charity walks. A Second World War warrior, Captain Tom thus celebrated his century birthday on 30-April-2020 in style. In India, a 99-year old who was also a law maker (MLA) from Gujarat, Ratnabhai Thummar, donated his savings in the fight against Corona. We wish these role models all the best, and also a long life.

World Data

4. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, a US-based non-government organization, have raised more than US $ 5 million to help local people fight CORONA in this hour of crisis.& In India, Azim Premji foundation has committed a whopping Rs 1000 crores towards fighting the crisis created because of COVID-19. The list is endless. Believe me, there are many who have come forward and donated large amounts as contribution in this fight against COVID.


5. If you thought religious institutions are behind in these contributions, go take a break. It just needs a big heart to share and we have many who can do that. Temples like Shirdi Saibaba and Siddhivinayak in Maharashtra, Tashi Lhunpo monsatery in Karnataka, Gurudwaras and Dawoodi Bohra community to Jain organizations, the list here to is endless – and every institution is chipping in cash and kind with all their might.

6. Our COVID patients are not letting us down. An 101 year old “young man” from Italian city of Rimini fought and won over this virus. This is inspite of hospitals being pushed to their limits because of the COVID outbreak in Italy. What an inspirational fightback. & remember, when the god is kind, why should anyone mind!!

7. From Italy to India. in Kalyan, a suburb in Mumbai region, a 6 months old baby won over this this virus. The baby is a born fighter indeed.

India Data

So guys, if you have a look at the figures all over , courtesy, there are more than 1 million people across the world who have fought this virus and came back stronger. Even in India, we have more than 10 thousands of people who have successfully defeated COVID. Hence, be positive, and instead of fear, what we need is to take care of health and hygiene, stay home and stay safe.


Friends, Its summer in most of India and people working from home dont have to travel beating the heat. So, dont crib of what you havent done in last one month. Have a look at the more understanding and bonding that is happening at home. Check your bank balance, I am sure most people working from home might have saved a few more bucks.

& While you thank god for what you have and keeping you safe, loosen your purse strings for those who dont have and are fighting. Dont think all the good things in the world have to be done by governments, take some happiness in sharing too. Please dont mind to donate atleast Rs 1000/- or more to PM cares or rather to the state to which you belong to. Governments also need money to fight this pandemic along with your kind words.


PM cares :

PM cares domestic donations:

Maharashtra CM COVID relief fund :

You can also donate using BHIM UPI or google pay. You can search for other state Chief Minister fund on google.

Its over to you & I am sure you too will join this fight!!

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