Japanese Car Maker Suzuki to Launch Pure Electric Crossover in 2023!!

With the petrol price and diesel prices rising by the day, it is a welcome news that the Japanese car maker, Suzuki is launching pure electric crossover vehicle in 2023. While there is no immediate relief from the high petrol price that has already crossed ₹100 in various cities of the country, we can expect some good news in the next couple of years.


Suzuki has already planned to launch a new-gen S-Cross in 2022. The new generation S-Cross will sport a 1.4 L petrol engine with a hybrid system. The 48V hybrid system will assist the petrol engine and will also generate power during braking. Hence, providing a considerably better efficiency in the short city rides.

The plan for the new pure electric car will augment the already expanding line-up of Suzuki cars such as S-Cross, New generation Swift with additional upgrades, Vitara and the Jimny hybrid. While Suzuki is going to concentrate on European markets, Suzuki is showing no signs of slowing down in the sub-continent market. The new electric car will be offered in a 2WD. The pure electric crossover small car will be marketed for the A segment and is expected to provide a significantly longer range in a single charge.

There are also reports that Suzuki is also developing a larger B segment SUV with a 4 wheel drive model. This new model can be expected by early or mid-2024. With the increasing prices of oil and the change in the perspectives of people, the electric cars will be highly in demand in the next couple of years.

These pure electric cars will be the perfect additions to the long list of eco-friendly and budget friendly Suzuki cars. We don’t have any confirmed news about the designs but the fully electric model will also provide premium interiors and plush comfortable seats. The safety will be top notch and the car will be positioned for the upward mobile aspirational segment of the market.


With a new S-Cross in 2022, a pure electric 2Wd car in early 2023 and a powerful 4WD SUV in 2024, Suzuki is well poised to maintain the huge market share. Apart from the conventional markets, Suzuki is also gearing up to gulp that new electric car market.

What will you buy? Electric or Petrol?

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