Jawa Perak Out for Delivery 20, July 2020 Onwards!!

All those customers who have booked Jawa Perak have pretty exciting news. The company has announced that Perak’s deliveries will start from July 20, 2020. Perak’s deliveries were initially expected to launch on April 2, 2020, and had to be delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus.


In January, Jawa Motorcycles introduced the Jawa Perak Bobber BSVI at Rs. 1.94 lac, ex-showroom. Jawa Perak features include a single-cylinder, four-stroke, and DOHC engine, which produces 30.64 PS of power and 32.74 Nm of torque and has a power of 334cc. The styling cues that Perak satisfies are tear-drop tank style, low-sling structure, float seat, and minimal body panels. The Perak instrument cluster was taken from the Jawa and also a few cycle pieces. The Perak has a dual disc brake system, with an ABS-280 mm rotor on the front for braking.

With 100/90 and 140/70 section tires, respectively, the Perak Bobber is ridden on an 18-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel shod. This 179 kg motorcycle has a 14-liter fuel tank. Releasing the Jawa Perak, Classic Legends co-founder Anupam Thareja said: “We are proud of our production and we are delighted to deliver it to our customers. We invite them to the “dark” side and expect that Perak’s riders will never have the same nights.”


Classic Legends has revealed enticing deals to support potential buyers, including a 50 % discount in the first three EMIs, a different Rs.6,666 EMI system every month, Rs. 8,000 for two years, Rs.6,000 for three years, 100% zero down-payment, and no proof of income.

Classic Legends has implemented a robust operating structure through its distribution outlets, and dealers have complied with the Central and State Government’s policies and initiatives for consumer, employee, and visitor protection. The showrooms have staff qualified to track social distance, sanitation, ventilation, and hygiene procedures.

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