JK Tyre Listed in Limca Book of Records- Launched Largest Off-Road Tyre

JK Tyre and Industries Limited is part of the Limca Book of Records by giving out the biggest off-road tyre, and that’s VEM 045.

Today, cartechnewz is presenting the VEM 045 tyre in the spotlight because it is in the Limca Book of Records now for being the largest off-road tyre.


This tyre is good news because getting yourself in the Records is an honor in itself.

As it met the eyes in 2014, the 40.00-57 VEM 045 tyre is 12 feet tall and weighs around 3.4 tons. JK Tire offered this tyre for India’s most fabulous inflexible dump truck that has a payload limit of as much as 240 tons.

The Details: VEM 045
The 40.00-57 VEM 045 weighs roughly 3.4 tons and is for India’s dump truck. The tyre stands 12 feet tall and is part of the Limca Book of Records.

It is in the news that talking about the Limca Book of Records entry, Vikram Malhotra, Marketing Director, JK Tyre and Industries Ltd said that the VEM 045 is updated for its durability and usefulness.


Official Statement by Vikram Malhotra
The official statement felt like this, JK Tyre is of driving development in the Indian tyre industry, and acknowledgment from the Limca Book of Records is intelligent of their relentless efforts toward that path.

The VEM 045 is updated for its toughness and usefulness over these years. They are excited and further urged to present all the more such class characterizing products later.

Other Details: VEM 045
JK Tyre is presenting choices in the OTR (off-the-road) section. The tyre producer has a limit of 35 million tires for every year. It offers tyre for traveler and business vehicles.


The organization has 100 nations in the list with 12 plants and 9 in India and 3 in Mexico fit for delivering 35 million tyres for every year.

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