Mahindra stripes off the covers of the latest Thar | AX and LX versions differ in terms of features !!

Mahindra Thar

The upcoming fresh face of Mahindra, Thar is indeed one of the highly awaited SUVs in 2020. Mahindra offers the latest Thar as a significant advancement in efficiency, day-to-day ease, innovation, and security. Mahindra showcased the SUV, revealing all its specifications and characteristics and we must agree that the latest
Thar appears quite impressive.


Thar will be shipped in AX and LX trims; the difference of the two explained further herein.Before understanding the two variants, let us throw some light on the system and features of the new arrival. A few subsequent feature modifications, such as forefog lamps, dual tones front and back bumpers, LED DRLs and LED light bulbs, are evident in the edition of this second-gen SUV.  The selection includes three alternatives on the roof to suit the rider's style.

Quite a sporty look has been added to the new model with the all-new interior design and all the safety equipment. Coming back to the options of AX and LX variants, the buyer must know what they are purchasing is in link with their riding purpose. AX series is all adventure-oriented, which suits the adventurous safari enthusiasts for their off-road rides, whereas the LX is more on the lifestyle side.


If we look at the feature differences between the two, one can notice that AX comes in a 6 seat combination with quite a range of safety elements like Dual airbags and ABS, central locking, steel footsteps, along with some optional features including but not limited to remote keyless entry, rear seats with Isofix and height adjustment system. LX, on the other hand, is a 4 seater design with LED front fog lamps, touchscreen display, and dual-tone bumpers. Both variants have Petrol and Diesel engine with manual transmission; LX offers automatic transmission as well.

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