Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 Preview

Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 is the vehicle you may find with more than 2.2 million people in a favorite slot. The Maruti Wagon R is a vehicle that is mainstream and has its very own base of fans.


So, what made the past two ages of the Wagon R so well-known? It was anything but difficult to get in and out of, had a breezy lodge and the adaptable interior made it down to earth. With Wagon R, Maruti has surrendered to expand on pre-defined qualities and address the old vehicle’s shortcomings, at last.

Considering the Heartec, the new Wagon R is more powerful, taller, and longer than the previous vehicle. This unique automobile is around 65kg lighter to Maruti utilizing 40 percent high-quality steel.

The Old and New
Like the old, it is comfortable with new Wagon R because of the wide opening entryway and the perfect seat stature. Once inside it, you are welcomed by a lodge that looks substantially more contemporary when contrasted with the old vehicle.


Maruti has, additionally, built up a SmartPlay Studio application that interfaces with the System. Through this application, you get music, disconnected route, and a lot more highlights.

The screen quality and contact affectability are excellent as well.

Boot space is colossal for a vehicle of this size. You get a massive 341 liters of baggage space, and the boot is profound and all around formed as well.

To place things into the point of view the Wagon R’s boot is 50 mm longer, 10 mm more extensive and 100 mm taller. You get 60:40 split collapsing back seats for comfort.


Maruti is putting forth single airbags (double for best variations) and ABS with EBD as standard over the range. You don’t get ISOFIX stay focuses which is glaring oversight in our eyes.

The new Wagon R accompanies two motor alternatives. In the lower variation, you get an indistinguishable 1.0-liter motor from the old vehicle. The higher variations you get, the bigger 1.2-liter K12 motor from the Ignis and the Swift.

We got the opportunity to drive the more dominant vehicle, and it felt very amazing. The engine is responsive and has a straight pull from low motor paces, which makes it incredible for city drives.

The engine’s drivability is exceptionally significant, and you can escape in third rigging from as little as 20 kmph with no judder or vibration from the engine. Indeed, even the 5-speed manual gearbox is fresh and smart to utilize.


We tested the AMT of the petroleum vehicle. Opening the rigging shifter into D and the Wagon R AMT pushes ahead smoothly.

Concluding that, over any surface, at any speed, the Wagon R felt determined, and the refined suspension approaches its activity, keeping you segregated from the greatest of potholes.

It is just at low speeds that you feel some firmness and the sharp knocks do bump you a bit. You must go ahead if you have the desire to buy it.

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