Maruti Suzuki XL6 & XL7 – New Updates & On Road Price in India!!

Recently Maruti had been seen testing the new and facelifted Maruti Suzuki XL6. Maruti XL6 was launched way back in 2019 and the 6 seater MPV is a getting a mid-life facelift in the coming year. Although, we are not sure when the facelifted edition of the XL6 will be open for public booking, we can safely assume that the launch will be sometime in the early 2022.

Maruti XL6, i.e. Extra Large 6 seater, is a cousin of the Maruti Ertiga. XL6 is not directly competing against any other cars by competitors. However, Ertiga itself is a competitor for the XL6. Other than Ertiga, one another MPV that provides almost the same offering to the customer is the Renault Triber. Renault Triber is a 7 seater that is much smaller, less powerful and much cheaper than the Maruti XL6. In that sense, the XL6 occupies a unique position in the Indian automobile market.


New Changes & Features in the Maruti XL6 – 2022 Facelift

Maruti is currently facing stiff competition from the Korean brands, Hyundai & Kia. At the same time, the launch of a series of Tata vehicles and Mahindra models with better safety ratings have changed the equation on the Indian automobile market. A market that is notoriously obsessed with the price and mileage is now looking for comfort and safety. This has made Maruti to rethink on the strategy and the brand is looking to reinvent the models and make them more competitive in the industry.

Exterior & Looks of Maruti XL6

Maruti XL6 looks more muscular than the Ertiga. Although, XL6 is only 5 cm or 50 mm longer than the Ertiga, it has a more aggressive styling and stance on the road. The new Maruti XL6 / XL7 seems to have a new grille and front bumper. The testing mule was completely covered but additional claddings under the bonnet, above the wheels and on the rear gives a more SUVish looks to the XL6.

The LED headlamps get a sleek design in the new 2022 model. It could be the latest projector LED lamps. The electrically adjustable ORVM has LED indicators. The MPV also gets a new set of wheels. It could well be the 16” wheels that are moving the Indonesian version of the Suzuki XL7.

Under the hood, XL6 is still powered by the same 1.5 L petrol engine. However, the mild hybrid power train means, that you can get more kilometre per litre. The electric hybrid powertrain has two important functions. One to provide auxiliary power in times of need like overtaking on the highway. Two, it takes over from the petrol engine during signal stops and frequent start and stop condition like traffic congestion.

In a tightly packed bumper to bumper traffic conditions of Indian cities, the new hybrid powertrain reduces the wastage of fuel. In fact it not only saves fuel but also reduces pollution and makes it easier to drive the car in congested traffic.


Maruti XL6 will retain the same 5 speed manual gearbox and the optional 4 speed torque converter automatic gearbox. However, it should be noted that the automatic gearbox is slightly laggy and doesn’t have the best transmission in the industry. It is neither smooth nor feels powerful. Maruti should have to incorporate a new and better automatic transmission to really facelift the XL6.

The engine lacks the punch on the highway but the manual variant provides better control and pick up on the roads. So, if you prefer to overtake those large Lorries & trucks on the road, you should consider buying the manual variant. Having said that, the automatic variant should be ideal for a family trip and if you don’t mind going a bit slower.

Inside the New Maruti XL6 & XL7

While Maruti XL6 is not opulent, it provides better cabin comfort in terms of the captain seats in both the first and second rows. Similarly, the interior had a premium look and feel. The new facelifted XL6 will get upgrades on the interior including the dashboard and the upholstery. The infotainment screen will get a software upgrade and provide better navigation control.

The new upholstery will also have some colour options and better finish. The 2022 launch of the facelifted Maruti XL6 & XL7 will have to go against many competitors too.

Is Maruti Launching the XL7 in India?

The 6 seat configuration can also come with an optional 7 seat configuration with bench seats for the second row. So, Maruti could finally launch the XL7 in Indian market. It is to be noted that the XL7 is a fairly successful product in the Indonesian market & the launch of the 7 seater will help Maruti to regain the numbers.

On Road Price of Maruti XL6 & XL7 in India

The price of the facelifted edition of the XL6 won’t be much higher than the present price of the XL6. It will still be priced under 10 Lakhs at the entry level variant & the top end model should be around 12.5 Lakhs. So, the on road price of XL6 will be around 10.5 Lakhs and 13.8 Lakhs.


Similarly, the 7 seater configuration, the XL7 will be optional in both the Alpha & Zeta configuration and will be priced around 10.5 Lakhs.

The launch of XL7 could help Maruti sell this slightly underpowered 7 seater MPV in the Indian market. So, what do you think? Will you buy the midlife facelift of Maruti XL6?

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