MG Motors Launched Disinfect & Deliver Program to Ensure Safety From COVID-19!

After Witnessing the tremendous crises going all across the globe, MG motors has taken significant steps to defend the deadly virus COVID-19. MG Motors has announced “Disinfect & Deliver.” The motive of this process to disinfect its cars thoroughly. The company ensures the buyers about 100% safety measures are being implemented by the company. The company has claimed to deliver the vehicle under a 100% sanitized process.


The staff and dealership members of the company are implementing all the required steps to maintain safety and hygiene. All of the vehicles, including the test-drive vehicles and deliveries, will be swabbed with the disinfectant before that vehicle gets delivered to houses of happy customers. Chief commercial officer of the MG motors has announced that It’s a human thing to look out for each other. The company has been taking all the measures steps to in order to prevent the virus. He further said, being a responsible organization, MG motors are committed to the health and safety of its customers, employees, and all partners. Corona outbreak has effected significantly on all kinds of industries. Due to this fatal virus, companies are also imposed to shut down the productions.


Not only MG motors, most of the companies been taking all the required steps in order to stop the virus from invading the lives of their customers and staff. Coronavirus has spread extensively all around the world and nobody knows when it is going to get under control. All we can do now is take the precautions, and so does the MG Motors and other companies. MG Motors has also stated that safety is the topmost preference of their company. Their only focus is to sanitize the value chains through the program of disinfecting and deliver.

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