Modi govt FASTag reform which could give you a toll free ride!

Technology is to help the mankind, not to put him in trouble. Atleast, this is the religious motive behind pushing the much needed FASTag. That the Indian people were not ready for it, the government pushed the implementation date by a month.


Now that most of us are ready, government is pushing reforms to maximise use of technology, all in the interest of we people.

Like, if you don’t use FASTag to pay toll at toll booths, you pay more. Fair enough, considering the vehicle user wasting imported fuel resource by waiting in queue.

But, its government doesnt want only the vehicle users to be serious about FASTag. It wants toll booth owners to be always ready and equipped well enough so that vehicle owners dont waste time. You may have seen vehicle owners told to move their vehicles back and forth at Toll plaza’s just because the scanner is not able to read your RFID code. Dont worry. If you have enough balance in your linked account and scanner is not working, you skip the Toll booth absolutely free.


The Gazette notification is here for more details:

Gazette Notification

So, next time if the RFID scanner fails to read your FASTag, you have one more reason to smile.

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