New EV policy announced by Delhi Govt smoother the use of Electric Vechile in Capital City!!

electric vehicles

On Friday, the Government of Delhi announced a strategy to encourage the implementation of safer automobiles in the capital city following its Electric Vehicle push. This 3-year strategy is to ensure that by 2024, energy supplies compensate for one-fourth of the new cars registered in the region. Purchase discounts, dismantling subsidies for older cars, lease interest subsidy, exemption from road
taxes, and maintenance costs would benefit EV consumers.


As per the Chief Minister, the policy has indeed saved 25% in the last five years and must now be further reduced by the reduced air quality in the capital region. Moreover, because of COVID-19, it has had a massive effect, the Minister also addressed the particular desire actually to create new
jobs and revitalize the national economy.

The Delhi EV policy even speaks about the development of charging stations in the capital to face the demands of electric vehicles users and the issue of range-anxieties. The CM has also announced the establishment of 200 charging points in the region sometime next year. At the same time, the State
government provides a 100% subsidies on charging equipment, which costs Rs 6,000 for each facility.

Nevertheless, Delhi's government has declared an opportunity to scrap the cars, an option which is being offered by the country for the first time.


According to the CM, a discarding reward shall be given if one replaces their old traditionally powered vehicles with a new EV. The percentage or amount of incentive has not been revealed, however, mentioned at the public speech of the CM. Besides, the government of Delhi has also confirmed an exemption of interest on the purchase of these cars to obtain electric vehicles and has
also revealed a total waiver of the fee for entry into town (vehicle tax) in respect of any EV with registration in Delhi until the following three years.

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