New Hero Pleasure Platinum Black | Maestro Stealth Editions Revealed!!


Pictures via social media deeds have been publicized of the new editions of the two vehicles- Hero Pleasure Platinum Black, Maestro Stealth Edition. These images portray a large quantity of minor as well as major modifications in their looks, shade, and accessories.


The new Hero pleasure is arriving in a matte black version that is harmonized by chrome-colored side mirrors as well as on the rims, which is devastating to see as an updated model. Exhaust Guard, frontage fender, and side panels are some supplementary descriptions that are granted by the novel scooter. Apart from these, the seating arrangement is done very perfectly, as we can see in the images that there is a cushion-like backrest for the passenger which facilitates a sleek and homey trip on the streets. The top model of the new Hero Pleasure Platinum Black Edition would cost Rs 58,950.

On the other side of the track, the new Hero Maestro Edge Stealth Edition has been blessed with a tempting matte grey shade design. Storage space has got enhanced with an LED lighting system to view inside throughout the dark. The two-wheeler is supported with the new color mode, carbon black shreds on the outside, binary surfaced seating finish and alloy wheels of steel. The cost of the new maestro edge stealth edition would be at Rs 71,450 with all the accessories attached.


No explicit discussions or reports have been imposed over the two upcoming scooters apart from their appearances. The exclusive editions will not be going to resemble so much alike to its former or traditional variants. Both editions are going to stand tall in the market as dominant two-wheeler. The other important features regarding suspension, mileage, braking system, and handling everything would get disclose in a little while in the market. Just keep yourself updated and explore more about the other upcoming cars and bikes.

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