Nexzu Mobility introduce 3 New e-cycles, Rompus, Roadlark and Aello!

Recently, it is reported that Nexzu Mobility has proceeded into the electronic bicycle space and brought three all-new electric cycles. The name of the three cycles are Rompus, Roadlark and Aello. The company has claimed that the e-cycles will be offered with the equipped lithium-ion batteries. The life of the battery is pretty much awesome, and it has an average lifecycle of a total number of 750 charges. The bikes are incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly, which can be charged in 3 to 4 hours.


The Rompus, Roadlark, and Aello have the ability to deliver an extremely impressive mileage in both throttle and pedelec mode. The bicycles also get impressive alloys of steel. The bicycles are fitted with 26 nylon tires that provide vigorous suspension.

The Roadlack bicycle offers 5.2Ah +8.8Ah dual batteries lithium-ion, which is fitted at the rear frame of the cycle. It is capable enough to deliver the speed of 25kmph. The cycle can proffer an incredible mileage of 65km in a single charge when it comes to the pedelec mode.


Coming to the Rompus and Aello, 8.8Ah rear detachable lithium-ion battery comes fitted with both of the bicycles. The bicycles are capable enough to offer the 45km of mileage in the mode of pedelec and around 38km in a throttle mode. The cycles are offering a front V and a drum brake in the rear. The Aello bicycle will be available in the various colour tones. There will be three color options, Yellow, Violet, and red. The company has said that the Rompus will be available with the lithium-ion battery of 5.2Ah which is going to be placed in the frame. The average mileage of the vehicle will be around 25km in the mode of pedel.

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