Offers and Discounts on Nexa Cars in September 2020!!


As we all know, it’s going to be a long festive season this September, so everyone will have some plans to buy something or the other to give a fresh start to the unlocking period. Are you also planning to buy a new car for yourself or want to gift your family with a surprise this season?Then go for the Nexa cars to offer discounts up to Rs45000 on every Nexa car- Baleno, Ciaz, SCross, Ignis. Further, Maruti Suzuki offers some additional discounts deals for the ones who’ll go to make their bookings during the festive period. So, grab this opportunity very quickly and make the most out of this valuable deal. Nexa has always been considered as the one of the best brands in the automobile industry.


This valuable deal is contributed among the customers to get the sales number back on track, which was scattered during the strike of the pandemic phase.

The Baleno Sigma, which costs Rs 5.63 lakh in the ex-showroom range, is offered with an ample cut rate of Rs 15,000 and an exchange bid discount of Rs 15,000. Whereas the discount limit of Rs 10000 is imposed on the other variant like zeta, alpha, and delta, keeping the exchange rate untouched.

If we talk about the discount offers on the Ignis’ Zeta variant has undergone with a relevant discount deal of Rs 10,000, along with Rs 15,000 exchange hand-out, while all previous variants of the car get a discount of Rs 20,000, but also going get the benefits of the replacement discount deals.


Beyond the discount phase, the Maruti Suzuki Nexa is trying to indulge themselves in digital platforms. They have given their clients access to subscribe cars under which the customer can get it on lease. This process would provide a rise in the sales fortification of the company.

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