Six New EQ Models to be Launched by Mercedes Benz!!

Mercedes Benz will be rolling out six new EQ models in next two years. At the beginning of 2020, we got a confirmation from the carmaker that they will be expanding the EQ range which includes EQE, EQA, EQB, as well as EQS flagship Sedan. Finally, we have a proper timeline. Also, the good news is that their electrification journey will not be stopping here. By 2025, the carmaker will bring in 25 new plug-in hybrid models or PHEV by the year 2025. These models will be sold in the coming years.


The Mercedes Benz EQS is going to be an electric iteration of the S-Class Sedan. It is going to be the first of all the EQ models. These models will be manufactured at the Sindelfingen plant in Germany. We can hope for its global debut next year. The next in the pipeline is a Mercedes Benz GLA based electric compact SUV. The German carmaker will manufacture it at the Rastatt plant (Germany) and the Beijing plant (China). Soon the EQB will be joining it. The EQB will be manufactured at the Beijing and Hungary plants. EQE is the last model to join the electronic cars, and it is based on the E class sedan. The Bremen plant in Germany will be manufacturing the EQE. We can expect it to go on sale by the year 2021.

Mercedes Benz will also be introducing eight car models by the year 2022. There will be an all-electric EQV electric minibus. It is interesting that these models will be manufactured with the existing combustion engine-powered models. Mercedes Benz can make them a separate variant in the existing range of cars.


In India, Mercedes is planning to launch the second-gen GLA, the all-new S class luxury limousine, the new A-class limousine, and the E class facelift. We can expect the carmaker to launch a few EQ models in India as well.

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