Skoda Unveils its 4th Version of 2020 Octavia with Hybrid Engine!

Skoda, which is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the country has once again proved that it is an epitome of perfection.

It has recently unveiled the 4th generation of the flagship range of the Octavia model.

The interesting fact is that it was 60 years before when the first version was released, but there was a huge gap of 3 decades in this way. 


Over the past years, 7 million models have been on the road and there are many more models which will be seen clocking up the miles.

The company has planned to position itself in a way which delivers reliable and best value cars in the market. 

Octavia, the iconic model of Skoda: 

The upcoming model is going to be a very important one for Skoda, which accounts for at least 10% of the GDP of the Czech Republic.


This is the very reason that Skoda has given glittering of world-class level which will be unveiled at the Czech National gallery at the very centre of Prague before it was showcased to the world outside. 

Skoda Octavia Engine:


For the very first time, the line of the model includes a Hybrid Engine.

Octavia iV will be seen using a 1.4 litres petrol engine and also an electric motor of 75kW which will have the capacity to provide a 199bhp as well as an all-electric range of total 34 miles. 


The two petrol engine options. 1.0 & 1.5 Liters will be seen coming up with the innovative option of very mild technology of Hybrid.

Whereas, the 2.0 litres of petrol and 2.0 litres of diesel in a total of 115 bhp, 197 bhp and 148 tunes which compete in the line-up. 

Skoda Octavia design and features:

 Skoda has laid out a lot of efforts to design the model and load it with several features.


The fourth version of the Octavia has come up with very big changes both in the inside and outside.

The model has grown to be more elegant which will be seen coming up with a dashboard flowing which will be placed behind the two-spoke wheel of steering. 

The model will also be seen with a very stubby gearchange which comes up with a shift by wire technology which will be seen appearing for the first time in any model of Skoda. 

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