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Summer is here already and in summers, every car owners’ face problems, which brings the budget under the pocket and issues like urgent fixing and unforeseen breakdown. These are not on your list, are they?


Cartechnewz has some tips for the trouble seeing car owner out there for the summertime to break through. Now, just get your notepad and make notes for your beloved car.

Battery Maintenance:
In a car, the battery is the most important part of the engine to work smooth. So, make sure that the battery is prepared for the high temperatures, heat, and vibrations.

Check whether the battery fluid is enough there because this fluid is to evaporate fast than the other fluids in the engine.

Clean the rust buildup over the terminals and clamps, tighten the clamps and change the battery if it is old and not making anything good for the engine.


Engine Cooling Maintenance:
By keeping your car’s engine cool is the step towards not facing the engine breakdown in the middle of the road because the engine may get overheat and refuse to run further. So, always check that there is coolant in the radiator compartment.

Fluids and Wiring Maintenance: In summers, cars are prone to soak up every fluid in the engine. So, ensure before taking the car out that every single fluid, even the wiper’s water is at appropriate levels. This will save you the high-cost maintenance later.

Tyres Maintenance:
Always check the tyre’s air and quality of the tyres. Some people change their tyres in summer to avoid the sticky problems on the high-heated tar-coal roads.


Though, summer maintenance is easy as it may sound. It’s simple to understand about a car in summer. We can’t handle the heat, then how come our cars will handle. They are in the image of our breathing and other systems.

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