Tata Gravitas 7 Seater SUV – Most Imp thinks we need to know!

Car lovers are eagerly waiting for the launching of 7 seater version of the Harrier SUV in the month of February 2020.

The name- Tata Gravitas, itself exudes of opulence. The SUV will face competitions from some of the mightiest brands in the market, for instance, MG Hector 7 SEATER, Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Alturas and Ford Endeavour.

Below mentioned are some interesting facts and details about the grand Tata Gravitas.


Size matters

The dimensions of Tata Gravitas are 4661 mm, 1894 mm and 1786 mm respectively. When we compare it to the Harrier, we realise that it is actually bigger than Harrier.

The dimensions of Harrier are 4598 mm, 1894 mm and 1706 mm. The 7 seater version overshadows the Harrier as it is almost 63 mm longer, 72 mm wider and 80 mm taller.

2020 Expo

Tata Gravitas will make its grand entry in the 2020 Auto Expo in February. It will be the first ever public appearance of the car. Tata Motors may even announce the price details during the event.


Width more than Endeavour and Fortuner

Tata Gravitas is much wider than the fully fledged SUVs like Ford Endeavour (1869 mm width) and Toyota Fortuner (1855 mm width). It gives a giant like look to the SUV. Its wheel base is same as compared to the Harrier (2741 mm).

Automatic Gearbox

There will be two options for gearbox. There will be a 6 speed manual gearbox and a Hyundai sourced 6 speed automatic gearbox. Tata motors will also introduce the automatic transmission on the 5 seater Harrier line-up in the next few months.

Engine has got more power

The all new Tata Gravitas and Harrier have some common features between them. They share the OMEGA platform as well as the 2.0 litre Kryotec engine. Although the Gravitas will be able to generate more power.



A panoramic glass roof will enhance the aesthetic appeal and add to the grandeur of the Tata Gravitas.

Lots of drive modes

There will be five driving modes: neutral, reverse, manual, drive and park. There will be Terrain Response System- wet, rough and normal.

Difference in design

It will be different from Harrier in terms of design. It will have bigger alloy wheels, sport running board and taller stance. There will be changes in tail lamp, boot lid, wind shield and rear spoiler too.


Premium features

Interior layouts of Gravitas will have more features as compared to Harrier, and there will be an additional third row seat too.

Price will be competitive

The pricing will be a lucrative one. Hopefully, it will cost just Rs 1 lakh extra if compared to its 5 seater sibling Harrier.

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