Tata Launches Dark Edition of the Altroz, Nexon & Harrier!

Indian carmaker Tata has launched the Dark edition of three of its top selling models in 2021. Dark edition offers a premium look and finish on all the cars. Of course, the first striking difference from earlier models is the full black exterior and premium leather interiors. Apart from these visible changes in the interiors, premium finish, dark upholstery, Tata also provides exclusive merchandise such as black leather jackets and T shirts to customers who buy the Dark Edition.


Tata Altroz Dark Edition

Firstly, Altroz Dark comes with a price tag of ₹8.7 Lakhs for the XZ Petrol version. With no chrome works, the Altroz comes in the Cosmo Black colour on the exterior and granite black on the interior. Tata has also ensured an overall revamp of the upholstery to match with the general dark theme. It is only available for the top end XZ variant and not for entry level models such as XT.

Adding to the fact that Altroz has just taken a clear lead over out Hyundai i20 in the Q2 sales, the Dark Edition opens one more option for the customers. However, the clear lead that Tata Altroz took was not because of the style quotient but more due to its advanced safety and affordable price point. While safety is not an issue in the new Altroz Dark Edition, the starting price of ₹8.7 Lakhs will go in favour of the Hyundai i20.

Tata Nexon Dark Edition

Tata provides dark option for both the IC engines and EV variants of Nexon. It is available for all the XZ+ variants in automatic and manual gearbox configuration models. The starting price of the Nexon Dark Edition starts at 410.4 Lakhs and the Nexon EV variant starts from ₹15.99 Lakhs. It comes with a midnight black colour on the exterior and a satin black humanity wall on the humanity line. Even the wheels are new with a charcoal grey coloured alloy. The premium leather upholstery on the inside with the tri-arrow perforations of the seats, the inside of Nexon looks stunning. Even the arm rest is dark themed making everything in order.

Tata Harrier Dark Edition

The 2.0 Litre Kryotec diesel engine powered Tata Harrier comes with the new dark theme. However, there are not many visual changes as the original variant. On the exterior, it is now painted in the Oberon black. It gets a new dark coloured alloy wheels. The Harrier badge also comes in a dark matte black. Everything on the interior, even the gear knob comes in black. The seats use a black leather upholstery that is aptly accentuated with the blue stitching. The new dashboard has a glossy black finish but uses the same 8.8 inch touchscreen infotainment system.


The one thing that remains the same across all models is the dark and bold theme. All three models that is the Altroz, Nexon, Nexon EV and the Harrier have a subtle but a solid embossed badge that says #Dark. It is positioned just below the OVRMs and adds to the identity of the new Dark Edition.

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