Tata Nexon EV to get a new feature “Zconnect”!

After the successful unveiling of Tata Nexon EV, we got to know a lot about the latest features and ZConnet is one of them. The company’s new ZConnect application is quite an exciting feature which has 35 connected car features. This system will make its debut on the Nexon EV. The app will be first connected to the smartphone, and then it will go live along with the launch of the Tata Nexon EV. It works somewhat like Hyundai’s BlueLink & MG’s iSmart.


The application is going to offer some impressive features for the Nexon EV owners, which includes charging history, nearest charging stations, remoting monitoring of the current charge levels, available range and many more. Through the ZConnect mobile app, customer can send commands to their Nexon EV. They will be able to command car lock/unlock, light, switch on the AC with remote cooling function and horn activation. You will also be able to share live location to the people you wish to show your real-time navigation.

You’ve got to be really careful when it comes to the safety and security, ZConnect app is very beneficial in terms of safety, it sends instant panic notifications, crash notification and emergency SOS. This feature will definitely make you feel more secure and comfortable.


The ZConnect will always keep an eye on you. The application has the ability to analyze your behaviour through the journey and provides a driving scorecard at the end of each trip. It will give you the complete insights of your driving behaviours such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, average speed and many more.

ZConnect has the capability to release over 20 instant alerts, it will always keep the driver updated about the safety parameters and vehicle’s health. The app is packed with the features which you could have never imagined.

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