Tesla Cybertruck Unveiled; Most Important features!

Tesla, one of the most demanding countries across the globe has shown its first official pictures of its upcoming all-electric truck (Pick-up):

The Tesla Cybertruck.

The newest model claims to ‘Deliver Utility that is required out of the truck and the performance of a sports car”. As per the latest news, the model will be available in 3 variants:


A: RWD: Single Motor Read wheel drive)

B: AWD: Dyal Motor an all Drew’s SUV’s drive.

C: All wheel drive- Tri Motors

Tesla Cybertruck Engine:

Tesla has very smartly loaded its Cyber truck with three options of electric powers strains. These are as follows:

A: The entry-level variant which comes up with a single motor and in the category of RWD will be seen delivering a range of approximately over 400km on a plain sheet.


B: The model which comes up with a dual-motor AWD will be seen offering a range of electric of approximately 480km in the single charge

C: The model which comes with a range-topping tri motor of AWD trim will be seen returning approximately 800 km in the single charge.

Tesla Cybertruck Mileage:

As per the technical experts of Tesla, all the entry-level models have the capacity to accelerate to a total from 0 to 96 mph in even less than 6.5 seconds. Whereas the variant with a tri-motor can do it in a whopping 2.9 seconds.

Tesla Cybertruck towing capacity:

The towing capacity, of the newest model of Tesla, is of approximately 6.4 tonnes. Whereas the payload capacity of Cybertruck is up to 1.5 tonnes.


For the purpose of storage, the Cybertruck does offer a total of 100 cubic feet (Exterior) which comes up with storage which is lockable and includes vault, sail pillars or frunk.

Tesla Cybertruck Design:

Tesla has loaded the Cyber truck with a number of features and design. Tesla has given the cyber trick model a futuristic design such as:

A. Rear light clusters

B. Sleek back and front

C. Shaper creases across the entire model.


D. Made from 30X cold-rolled stainless body of steel which is great resistance to denting which withstands a 9mm bullet.

E. Adaptive suspense of air system

F. Seating: 6 seat arrangement.

G. Central touchscreen of 17 inches.

H. Steering wheel in the shape of U.

I. Extended ramp for all its tailgates.

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