The Best Mitsubishi Pajero will Share Platform with Nissan Patrol!

Mitsubishi, one of the leading had launched its fourth-generation model: Mitsubishi Pajero in 2006. This full-size SUV is a world-renowned model especially the ‘Rugged styling’ and its capabilities of off-roading. However, at present, the vehicle has been facing an issue and many challenges to meet the emission standards which are quite strict. There have been rapidly declining sales which are further a problem or worry for the company to exist in the global competitive market.


President and Chief Executive Officer at Mitsubishi Motors, John Signoriello recently spoke about Mitsubishi is currently all open to sharing its platforms with its various alliance partners, especially focusing on Nissan to help revive the nameplate or Mitsubishi Pajero.

The plan of the platform was first revealed by Trevor Mann, the former CEO of Mitsubishi at the Geneva Motor show, 2007. This will rapidly help in reducing the development and production cost of the Mitsubishi model.


The petrol new-generation Nissan petrol had made its global debut with advanced and comfortable features which makes the car unique and desirable. The power will come to form an engine of 4.0L V6 which is apt for torque worth 275bhp and 394Nm. The model has the capacity of upgrading to 5.6L V8 engine.

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