The Push-Pull takes another leap – this time for Mumbai Rajdhani express!

Passengers travelling from Mumbai to Delhi and in between cities have another surprise in store.

The Railways has decided to increase the speed of 12951 Mumbai New Delhi Rajdhani express to reduce travel time by a whopping 40 minutes.

This has been made possible because railways are using Push-Pull technology where in a loco will be placed in front as well as rear.


The two locos will work in master slave configuration. This will help when the train has to negotiate “caution’s” enroute and it allows the train to reach its sectional Maximum Permissible(MPS) speed in less time.

This push pull technology has already been used and succesful with the Central Railway run 22221/2 Mumbai CSMT – Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani express.

This train runs via Kalyan – Bhopal – Agra enroute to Nizamuddin. The Western Railway, now it seems, is taking inspiration from Central Railway to use this in its permier train 12951 Mumbai Rajdhani express.

The train will start Mumbai Central at 17.40 hrs and reach New Delhi at its current arrival time.


The employees, passengers and railfans are all excited to follow this new run and schedule. The Indian Railways have already conducted trials on this route.

So, when the train 12951 starts its journey from Mumbai Central, all eyes will be on how train it actually reaches New Delhi on time.

In the recent days, we all have heard about Modi government working on a new expressway from Mumbai to Delhi.


It is expected that this new expressway will allow people to reach Delhi in 14-15 hours. Hope this expressway & Indian railways challenge each other to do better in terms of infrastructure and service going ahead with the people benefitting in the long run!!

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