Tonneau Covers & Gas Mileage: What You Should Know!!

Whether you’re looking for ways to save on gas costs or you’ve heard about tonneau covers reducing drag, find out how these covers affect your gas mileage. Few other truck accessories provide the same long-term convenience and savings as a tonneau cover, making it a great option to order today or put on your wishlist.

Do Tonneau Covers Improve Fuel Economy?

While you won’t notice a difference overnight, studies show that tonneau covers, on average, cut your fuel usage by at least 5%. Some studies show savings up to 10%. There are a few caveats to this, however. First, be sure you properly install your cover. A loose or open cover isn’t going to do anything for you. Even worse, it could end up
flying down the road.


Second, you probably won’t notice the difference in a single drive or a single week. Saving 10% on your fuel usage will add up to an incredible savings, but daily changes in fuel costs may make it not immediately obvious. Continue to drive with a tonneau cover and track your fuel usage over a long period. You should notice a definite change in the cost of fuel over a few weeks or months. Finally, you can’t overload your vehicle. Weighing down your truck is going to reduce or remove any savings from a cover. Even the best Retrax tonneau cover can’t make up for a few hundred extra pounds of tools and cargo. Consider the best cover with this in mind. A hard cover may offer more protection, but a soft cover is a more lightweight option. Compare covers to find the type of cover necessary to safely haul your gear without overloading your ride.

How Do Tonneau Covers Reduce Fuel Costs?

How can a cover improve your fuel economy? It all has to do with aerodynamics. While the front of your truck may look sleek, an open truck bed isn’t an aerodynamic design. This practical design feature has some very serious consequences on your fuel costs. An open, uncovered bed increases your drag. This makes your engine work harder to
keep your ride trucking down the road. The result is increased fuel usage. A tonneau cover puts a lid on your open bed to create a smooth, aerodynamic surface.


There are plenty of options available to keep your cargo safe and improve your fuel economy. Search for retractable covers, roll-up covers or folding covers for a storage solution tailored to your cargo and your driving habits. A roll-up cover may be the easiest to store, but it can take some time to open and close frequently. A retractable cover is easy to open and close, doesn’t take up much space and creates a durable lid. Finally, a hard cover matches the curves and color of our truck, but can be difficult to store when removed from your truck.

Shop online to easily compare BAK tonneau covers and other leading brands. Search for covers that match your make and model of vehicle and have your favorite one shipped directly to your garage for convenient, cost-effective storage.

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