Top five best modern features in bikes that helps prevent accidents!

These top 5 modern features will help you experience the smoothest driving experience and keep you protected from several accidents. Companies have setup global research centers to provide best features to consumers.


ABS (Anti-lock braking system)

The anti-lock braking system is the essential part of the bike, in this fast-growing technology. ABS will give you a smooth experience while braking and can keep you safe from several accidents due to braking. The government has made it necessary for all the manufactures to make ABS present on all bikes. If you don’t have a motorcycle which has ABS, you can even get it installed from the market.

CBS (Combined braking system)

It is also known as a linked braking system; with this feature you can use only one brake lever to apply pressure on both front and rear wheels. It was first used for Honda Activa scooty. Now it has come for the bikes too. Combined Braking System is also considered as a safest feature.


Anti-wheelie system.

Anti-wheelie system keeps you safe from big wheelies, and it helps to reduce torque and keep you protected from several issues related to wheels. If you own a bike with so much torque, you must get this system applied.

Fuel Injector

Fuel injector helps to divide the fuel in an equal ratio. It allows proper air mixture to the combustion chamber. It uses a spray to increase the fuel efficiency. It can be installed from the market too if you don’t have it already.

Traction control system

Traction control system is another advanced system in the modern era. It is controlled by several sensors. These sensors help to measure different rotational speed to observe if the wheel has lost the power of traction. the traction control system has the ability reduce the speed and avoid wheel slip.

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