Toyota Hilux Launch Date, Features & On-Road Price in India!!

Toyota is set to launch Hilux, a pickup-truck that could rival Isuzu’s D-max. The Hilux is a well performing model abroad for decades. Its arrival in India could give Toyota a huge place in the lifestyle-pickup truck market. Powered by engines from both Innova and Fortuner, the Hilux can be expected to be a powerful machine. Furthermore, the latest generation of Hilux models have undergone a huge facelift, making them have a much cooler look and feel.


Here’s a closer look at its features and performance.

Why Toyota is Launching Hilux in India?

The landscape of the Indian automobile market is fast changing. More and more people are looking to buy more powerful and spacious cars. Traditionally, the Indian car market has been one of compact and fuel efficient cars. However, with the growing middle class and the disposable income of the affluent class, the demand for SUVs, MUVs and pickup trucks have been increasing.

While, the global pandemic had had a dampening effect on the demand for new vehicles, it had also resulted in the change of the overall preference of the people.

Apart from these external reasons, Toyota Bharat didn’t have any reliable launches in recent years. Apart from the largely successful Innova, all the cars from Toyota are old. Rebadged Maruti Suzuki vehicles like Belta, Urban Cruiser. Along with Veloz & Avanza, the Hilux could fortify the lineup of the company in the coming years.

The muscular and powerful Hilux would be the ideal vehicle to bolster the roster in 2022. Another obvious reason for the launch could be the fact that there are not many players in this comfortable luxury pickup category of vehicles in India. Only other cars to cater to this segment are from the compatriot Japanese carmaker Isuzu.

Variants & Colours of Toyota Hilux

Internationally, the Hilux comes in three configurations, Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab. A single cab or cabin is basically a two-seater with little or no room behind the seats. This is ideal for avid drivers or for hauling loads in your company. An extra cab is a little bigger than a single cab. It has a small space behind the front seats with little pop-up seats. They can be accessed by moving the front seats or through small doors on the sides. The double cab is the large and spacious version featuring front and back row seats. This model can easily seat upto 6 people in it.

The Toyota Hilux model is available in these configurations, in several variants. The number of variants for Hilux is many, and it varies across countries. For example, Japan has over 21 variants of Hilux, each with a unique combination of features and specifications. One of the prominent models is the high performing GR Sport. It features a 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine that gives out 148 bhp with 400 Nm peak torque.


We are still expecting Toyota to announce the list of variants they are planning to launch in India, along with the colour options. However, we can safely assume that Toyota will use the same 2.4 litre diesel engine used by the Innova Crysta. Firstly, it makes sense from the economic point of view. Secondly, the engine of the Toyota Crysta is fairly powerful and given that it is used by other international variants, making the changes for the right hand drive alone will make the models showroom ready. The engine is also compliant with the new BS6 emission standards.

We can also expect Toyota Hilux to come in the 2.7 petrol engine variant. This will be slightly lower priced than the diesel variant. Toyota Hilux will come in all configurations in India, including the single cab, double cab configuration in all its variants. We can also expect Toyota to provide a number of accessories as add-ons to the model.

Toyota Hilux – Dimension & Exterior

The latest generation Hilux comes with a dashing new look. Needless to say, it is a huge vehicle. With length upto 5,325mm and width 1,855mm, it is 530mm longer than the Fortuner. The height of the vehicle is 1,815mm. And yes, you can fit in your whole family, and your pets inside it.

Also, the new generation Hilux has been changed to give it a sleek design, competing with Toyota’s own Fortuner and Innova. Some say the new look is a blend of both Innova and Fortuner.

Whichever the case is, the Hilux’s new look is guaranteed to attract attention. Also featured on the exterior are LED headlamps & tail lamps, a revised front fascia with extra tough-looking trim, body cladding for a sportier look, a new front bumper design, and a slightly revised tailgate.

Interior & Features of Toyota Hilux in India

On the Interior the Hilux is said to mirror the Fortuner. It packs the latest features like an 8-inch Touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, an 800-watt JBL sound system, power windows, steering-mounted audio controls, climate control, keyless entry & go, electrically-operated ORVMs and push-button start.

Its safety features include multiple airbags, ABS with EBD, parking sensors, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control System (TCS) and more. The full list of safety features is expected to be released soon. Also, it has a water wading depth of 700mm, approach angle at 29 degrees and departure angle at 26 degrees.

There is also chatter about using the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine producing 201 hp and 500 Nm torque with a 4-wheel drive in the Indian model. The transmission options are yet to be announced. It will most probably come with both manual and automatic transmission variants, for Toyota views Hilux as more than a truck in the Indian Market.

Altogether Toyota Hilux will have the whole package – Sleek and comfortable interiors, rugged and stylish exterior powered by a muscular engine that provides the necessary power to take the vehicles on the off-road and on road trips.

Launch Date & On Road Price of Toyota Hilux in India

Toyota Bharat is expected to launch Hilux in India by the end of January 2022. Even in case of delays, Toyota will look to launch the vehicle in the early 2022, by April at max. Toyota Bharat will place the Hilux above Innova and below Fortuner. The price of the vehicle, given its new looks, cool features and the standard performance of the Toyota engine, can be placed around ₹25 – 30 lakhs. Moreover, the competitors from Isuzu are also priced in the same bracket.


What do you think? Will the fortunes of Toyota change with the launch of Hilux in India?

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