Toyota Yaris Cross images revealed: Specifications out!

The most anticipated car Toyota Yaris Cross has finally been unveiled. The car has been the talk of a town for a very long time. The company was planning to exhibit the car in March at Geneva Motors, but die to the pandemic COVID-19, it has to be cancelled. Toyota has unveiled the car in the images, which undoubtedly looks exceedingly amazing. As seen in the images, it seems like the car is going to be highly spacious. It has the high ground clearance and all the qualities of the brand’s compact car. Even though it is a hatchback, it is way too impressive when it comes to the dimensions.


Toyota Yaris Cross measures the wheelbase of 2,560mm, and it is 1560 mm taller, 4180 mm longer, and 1765 mm wider. It is being said that the crossover version of the Toyota Cross is too small to be launched in America. Therefore, as of now, the company has the plans to roll it out in the market of Europe and japan somewhere in next year. Toyota is planning to develop 1,50,000 units of the car. It seems that Toyota is pretty much confident that it is going an enormous impact on the auto market.


Powering the engine, Toyota Yaris Cross is going to come equipped with the 1.5 L, 3-cylinder engine of petrol, which will come paired with an electric motor. One of the best things about the car, it will be featuring the all-wheel-drive system. However, it is optional and varies on the model of the car. Japan will be offering the two-wheel-drive features in the standard model of the car, and all-wheel-drive option in the upgraded spec. The appearance of the car seems pretty impressive; it has a sporty styling and futuristic designs with the busy fascia.

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