TVS Spends 153 Crore on Norton’s Motorcycles: Plan Revealed!

TVS motors who made a tremendous impact on the market with their scooters recently in India, are now coming up with the big plans. The company is planning to show up in the industry with all-new Norton bikes. It has been reported that the TVS has acquired the Norton Motorcycles for the 153 crores. It has acquired certain assets of the company ‘Norton.’ The most popular manufacturers of the Norton motorcycles like V4 RR, Commando 961, Racer MK, and sports MK will be acquired.


The motorcycles of the Norton is among the popular brands in the industry of two-wheeler makers. Norton is a huge brand that was found by James Norton, in UK, Birmingham, in 1898. It is one of the most considerable brands when it comes to two-wheelers. The company has been renowned for both electric and classic bikes. With the help of British Company, TVS intends to scale its business extensively all across the globe. The managing director of the company, Mr. Sudarshan Venu, commented on the acquisition that TVS would be extending their support and assistance to the British company Norton to regain the full glory in the market of other countries as well. The company appreciates the help of the Norton and looking forward to making more deals.


TVS and Norton intend to grow together, and there will also be more plans which they will be executed together in the future. Currently, Norton comes with an exciting range of bikes. With this acquisition, the company is expecting to improve the global reach of the company and the capability of chain supplies with the immense help of Norton. All process of the acquisition was done under the financial advisors considering all the circumstances. Let’s see what impact TVS is going to make with it.

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