Two New Bikes Ready For Launch!!

Honda Rebel

The teaser has confirmed that the Honda Cruiser would be clashing with the new Royal Enfield motorcycle in the September end, as mentioned by the trailer, which was displayed last week.

The new Honda cruiser’s features indicate that it has compiled with a cooled sole cylinder unit than that of having a multiple cylinder engine. The Japanese brand has been working on its transmission and exhausts for many years; this can lead to a great fight between the cruiser and the brand-new Royal Enfield. Apart from the engine, Honda has worked firmly on its fraction and design as well. It would be very much resourceful in providing the biker an alluring experience on the road. Many motor cycle enthusiasts have also assumed that the new Honda cruiser would be having a retro style kind of a design on its side like the Honda CB1100RS.


The dates for the launch of the new Royal Enfield meteor 350 are not officially announced. But it seems to be that it can make a visit in the next month for sure. The reason for postponing the date is the release of the new Honda cruiser. This brand-new motorcycle can give a tough competition to the Royal Enfield meteor 350. Honda cruiser is about to launch in the last week of September, and the Royal Enfield wants to know its impact on the market and the price range as well.

The new meteor is assumed to have an engine of 350 cc, along with a new gearbox facility, which would be far smoother than the previous one.Another novel feature provided by the new meteor 350 is USB and charging ports for the bikers to charge their mobile phones or digital cameras. Moreover, the clutch is also updated, and it would be giving much more comfortable gear shifting to the bikers. It also would result in a long clutch life.

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