Volkswagen is all Set to Reveal the New EV ID Vizzion at Beijing Motor Show!!

German carmaker Volkswagen is bringing out a host of car launches, new models and concept reveals. While the Volkswagen Virtus launch is taking the centre stage in India, the world market is excited to see the reveal of the concept car ID Vizzion. It was first revealed in the year 2018 and the model will be marketed in early 2023.

ID Vizzion is said to be the electric cousin of the Volkswagen Passat, luxury sedan. Passat is priced at around 30-38 Lakhs in the Indian market. The model shares many similarities with other luxury sedans like BMW. The German company has been giving more importance to the Chinese market. The western markets are flooded with models from many companies including the American conglomerates, Japanese cars & the French group Stellantis. The Chinese & Indian market have a large potential but the relatively better purchase power parity of the Chinese economy has provided an excellent opportunity for the company.


Moreover, China is averse of the Japanese & American companies and this has naturally helped the German conglomerate to have an advantage over other competitors. The electric luxury sedan will be based on the MEB architecture of the company. Preliminary reports say that the car will have an almost 700 km range per charge. This puts the upcoming model at the top of the list of the cars with long range per charge. To put that number into perspective, as of now, the longest range of cars in the Indian market is now around 400 km.

Features of Volkswagen ID Vizzion 2023

The luxury electric sedan will largely retain the dimensions of Passat with some minor modifications. So, you can expect the ID Vizzion to be 4770 mm long, around 1830 mm wide. The sedan will have one of the longest wheelbases at 2786mm. Vizzion will be powered by an 84 kWh battery that gives around 700 km range. This range is slightly higher than even the Mercedes Benz EQE. The powertrain will have the option of rear wheel drive or four wheel drive as per the requirement. ID Vizzion will have a decent pickup and will be much better than the petrol or diesel cars. By comparison the speed and pickup of the internal combustion engine variant Passat will look juvenile in front of the electric ID Vizzion.

Reports suggest that the GTX version of Vizzion could make the 0-100 kmph journey in around 5.6s. As of now the company is looking to tap into the under-served Chinese market. It is not yet clear if the company will bring the model to India.

Interior of Volkswagen ID Vizzion 2023

Although the car shares similar dimensions with Passat, the new model will have more spacious interiors. The ID will be offered in the saloon version and it will have comfortable & convenient interiors. The front row seats will have heated 8 way adjustable seats. The rear row is also expected to come with 8 way electrically adjustable seat.


The dashboard will have large infotainment screen that is coupled with the instrument cluster. The model will have Hill Hold Control, ABS, EBD, & other safety features. We can expect an ADAS system to help the drivers. While the exact details of the model are yet to be seen, we can expect the car to have a large sunroof that adds to the ambience & experience of the car. So, when you sit inside the electric sedan, you will experience luxury.

There is no need to reiterate the point about the German make. Like every German car that boasts of quality, the ID Vizzion will be built like a tank and you can take the car for a ride. It will push the machinery to its limit.

On-Road Price of Volkswagen ID Vizzion

The car is only going to be launched in China as of now. While we don’t have any official numbers, we can assume that the model will be priced around 60-75 Lakhs in India, if it is launched in the country. As of now India only gets Mercedes Benz, Jaguar & Audi in the luxury sedan category.

Electric giant Tesla is yet to make an in-road in the market &Volkswagen will look to capitalise on the local production facility & the distribution mechanism that it has grown in the past years. So, what do you think?

Is it worth to spend around ~65 lakhs for a powerful, stylish, yet eco-friendly Passat? Volkswagen Passat has occupied an important niche in the market. It has attracted the customers who are upwardly mobile. Those who want to experience luxury but not necessarily spend a premium just for the name tags of Mercedes-Benz or Audi. We can expect the same to happen to the upcoming model too.


The electric vehicle has an appeal to it and the Indian market is quickly evolving. Who knows, by early next year, the market could be perfect for the launch of the electric luxury sedan.

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