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Volkswagen is not some automobile company, which makes the cars that don’t perform. Their technology, designs, and quality are unmatchable.

Today, we are talking about the Volkswagen Tiguan, an SUV for Indians. Interestingly, this SUV sold millions of stocks worldwide before coming to India.


The Cutting-Edge Design
Volkswagen Tiguan is a keen looking SUV. It looks like its forerunner, and that is something to be thankful for.

While different SUVs in this section look unmistakably monstrous and cumbersome, the Tiguan has an advanced structure that leaves a positive effect.

The Tiguan is like the new-gen Passat, and Volkswagen has utilized chrome very elegantly on the braces of the radiator grille also broadcasting live dam off the front guard.

The front is of sports trademark lines that join the grille in a V shape. Giving the front a more extensive position are the smooth LED headlights that consolidate conveniently with the grille.


As far as the storage room, there is a dashboard-incorporated unit for knickknacks, one beneath the focal front armrest and another underneath the front traveler situates.

Both the front and back seats get two cupholders while every entryway can hold a 1-liter jug. The Tiguan’s boot has a 615-liter limit which grows to 1,655 liters with the back seat collapsed down.

The Cutting-Edge Performance
Universally, the Volkswagen Tiguan is offered with powertrains to spend an expense for. Volkswagen offers the 143PS/340 Nm 2.0-liter TDI in India.

It is commonly a refined unit yet is capable of being heard out of gear.


While driving in the city, we encountered a specific dimension of slack, which decreases bit by bit as the engine crosses the 2,000 rpm. Well, keep the engine revving between 2,000-3,000 rpm, and there is enough torque to play with.

The Tiguan is at its usual range of familiarity on thruways where the engine can undoubtedly clutch higher speeds easily.

The motor accompanies a 7-speed DSG unit which, as dependable with VW DSGs, offers rich, smooth changes. While it moves up rapidly, there is a touch of slack when it comes downshifting for snappy surpasses even in Sports mode.

The Cutting-Edge Riding
The Volkswagen Tiguan depends on the MQB stage, and this has made it lighter by 60 kg than its antecedent, notwithstanding the more significant measurements and extra gadgets.


The suspension set-up offers a delicate ride, as it easily resolves uneven undulations. While driving it over certain harsh streets, the lodge is disengaged from aggravations which feature the amazing NVH dimensions of the lodge.

The Cutting-Edge Wellbeing
The SUV accompanied six airbags as standard and separated from self-fixing tires, and an invert stopping camera which is offered just in the Highline trim, the rundown of security highlights is indistinguishable in the two variations.

Some of them incorporate Isofix tyke situate mounts, stopping sensors, ABS, solidness control, stature customizable front safety belts with pre-tensioners and a tire weight checking system.


This vehicle is available in two variations: Tiguan Comfortline (2.0 TDI AMT (Diesel)) at 28.06 Lakh and Tiguan Highline (2.0 TDI AMT (Diesel) at 31.45 Lakh.

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