Volvo to Launch the C40 Recharge Electric SUV in India by 2023!!

Volvo is launching its new Electric SUV with the nametag, C40 Recharge in India by 2023. The new EV will get a stylish new design, slightly varying from the XC40. Some say that the C40 is the upgraded version of the XC40, and its looks confirm this. Here are some specs that could show how good an EV it is.


Power Pack and Drive Train of Volvo C40

The Volvo XC40 Recharge is offered as 3 trims Core, Plus and Ultimate. The Core variant comes with a single electric motor that produces 231bhp and 330Nm torque. This is equipped to the front wheel, making it an FWD system.

The higher variants, Plus and Ultimate are offered with a dual-motor set-up with one motor to each axle. Combined, the motors produce 408bhp of power and 660Nm torque. Making these two more trims powerful than the Core variant.

What’s more important is the difference in the battery pack. The single-motor version comes with a 67kWh battery pack and has a maximum range of 430kms. While the dual-motor versions come with a 75kWh battery pack and they are claimed to offer a range of 433kms. The same set of ranges for both the set-ups will make a hard choice for the people.

All the three variants will support up to 150kW of fast charging. By which time the battery charges from 0 to 80% in about 40 minutes. So with a fairly decent range for the segment and a powerful output the Volvo C40 will have the perfect blend of speed and span. It can be both a highway and city rider. Whether you want to cruise on the wide open highways or drag in the city limit, the upcoming Volvo C40 will be a good companion for you journey.

Exterior Design of Volvo C40

The new e-SUV comes with a dashing look indeed. While it shares an almost near similarity with the XC40, there are some visible differences. The blacked-out A-pillar leads to a curved roof which leads to a twin-pod roof spoiler in the back. A new tailgate design that starts from the roof-spoiler, leads down, takes a couple of bends and joins the lights placed on the back door.

The sloping roof makes the EV more aerodynamic and also gives it a coupe like look from the front. And as with all EVs, the front grille has been closed by a solid block bearing the Volvo logo in its centre. The front, the back and the indicator lights are all LED and they add a unique style to the vehicle.


While the colour options are not yet clear, we

Volvo C40 – Interior Features

The C40 is Volvo’s first global model that doesn’t come with leather interiors. Volvo had earlier announced to completely remove leather interiors from its entire car line-up. This is in regard to reducing animal harm and carbon emissions. This is a welcome move from the global car manufacturer but the preference of the drivers is to be seen. Of course, no one is going to shy away from Volvo for the sake of this gesture.

The other usual refinements include, an infotainment system with in-built apps and services, a digital instrument cluster, panoramic sunroof, Harman Kardon sound system with 12-speakers, wireless phone charging and more.

All over the world, and particularly in Europe, Volvo is known for its high safety features. It is one of the most trusted car brands that provides extreme importance to the safety of the passengers. We can expect the company to not err from its core part. The upcoming Volvo C40 Recharge SUV will be equipped with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), ISOFIX child seat anchors and seven airbags. Apart from these there will be a host of security features including seat belt warning, EBD, HHC, etc.

The regenerative braking of the electric vehicle will help in enhancing the range of the SUV and at the same time it will make the braking distance shorter.

Price and Competition

The market for the luxury electric cars is getting crowded with every launch in the country. However, the quickly expanding aspirational customers makes sure that all the cars in this segment have ample of takers. The estimated price of the C40 is between ₹ 60 – 70 lakhs. With this price range, the SUV will face challenge from the likes of Jaguar I-pace, BMW i4, Kia EV6, Mini Cooper SE, and the much-awaited Hyundai Ioniq 5. The performance electric SUV segment is growing quick but there is ample of space for all these competitors at the top of the summit. However, with the brand image and the preference for the Volvo cars among the celebrities, the car will be sold like hot cakes.


So, what do you think about the upcoming launch of the fully electric performance SUV of the Volvo?

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